Welcome to LuxeLove by JRy!

Hey there friends!

Thank you so much for checking out LuxeLove by JRy!  This blog was originally meant to be a lifestyle blog and after close re-working and going back to my authentic style of writing,  I found out people want to know more about what’s going on in my world.  With that said,  I present to you a year in my life.

There is luxury for sure, there is fabulousness, there is love, there is hate, there is shade thrown, there is even a lot of attitude in my entries, but one thing I can guarantee to you whether you meet me behind the screen or in real life, this is all real, this all me, this is all authentic.  To me, that is luxe living!

Honesty is the new black.

Let’s get started! xox- j.

PS: If you have a LuxeLove or special something in your life you’d like to share with me, email directly at jcooley@fastmail.co.uk or tweet me @studiojry 


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