LuxeLove is about what, Josh?! (Part 2: Living Well)

Living well.

We all try to do that, right?

I would hope we all do, honestly. I don’t always practice what I preach.  For one, I love going out with my friends and having a cocktail.  Sadly, that cocktail becomes two, becomes four, becomes binge-drinking.  Not cool. (Then I wonder where all the extra weight and bloating came from… how fucking stupid, right?)

I love spending money.  If I have $4 or $4,000, I am looking to spend it and then I walk around in a cold sweat hoping nothing bad happens. Again.  Pretty fucking stupid.

My worst habit is overworking, hence, why “LuxeLove” has not been updated in OVER a month.  I’ll say yes to EVERY project, every color client, every dinner and appearance I can make. Again, I feel fucking stupid because I’m blowing money and attending the afterparty and it keeps me away from working on productive items I have on my agenda of duties  and tasks to complete.

Do you know what each of the above examples lacks?


Everything in life works well when it’s balanced and evened out.  I love cocktails and talked about it in my last blog, but it doesn’t mean that I have to overdo it each time I go out. Set a drink limit or take a certain amount of CASH (yes, CASH) and call it done!  As for money and working, saving money is essential today.  I think things have gotten more expensive as time has gone on.

We all want to live like the reality stars we see on TV.  They have these elaborate lives on screen and then as we pick up groceries or visit Target with the “real people”, we see tabloids that say each of those stars is going to jail for not paying the IRS or has filed bankruptcy trying to put on that facade for us on television.  NOW THAT’S FUCKING STUPID.

Let me switch gears here for a second and talk about what LIVING WELL is for me:

1. Meditation and Listening to your intuition

Call it prayer, call it transcendental meditation, call it out of body, call it day-dreaming, whatever keeps you grounded, make sure you do it both morning and night.  I take at least ten minutes to say “thank you” to the Universe and think about my day to come.  At night, I say a few words to myself and visualize people that have touched my life either that day or in the past.  I think that sets the tone for a good rest.  What would happen if I didn’t wake up?  I want to leave this world with amazing thoughts.

When you think of intuition, you should seriously imagine a small carbon copy of yourself sitting on your shoulder saying, “yes”, “no” and “Really Josh?”

I have found that trusting your intuition will never set you on the wrong path.  Just be honest about what you’re feeling.  If it upsets people, don’t be afraid to tell them what you’re thinking about it.  If they can’t handle it, they’re NOT meant to be in your life at that moment in time. I truly believe that.  The same goes for online purchases.  If you feel like you won’t be able to make your car payment cos of the purchase, move on. You don’t need anything that bad!

2. Communicating clearly and honestly

I check my email and text messages all day! I also make a to-do list of people to talk to and things I want to say before I say them. It’s super important to be a good communicator in this world.  The reason I say that is because I hate when I don’t get a reply or I receive a “form letter” or passive-aggressive response from a person.  The worst is when you see those people post “hinty” Facebook posts online and mean tweets, but you know they don’t approach anyone in person.  That’s a horrible communicator that lacks integrity.

I am guilty of posting “hinty” or generalized tweets and FB posts, but generally I’ve approached the person already.  I can’t stand it when I read something I assume could be about me and the exchange I had with a person earlier or even better: when you KNOW someone is angry and they haven’t told you yet.

In this world, we need to be as honest and candid as our Instagram verbiage and posts. If you can’t be that person in real life, don’t even attempt to macho online.

When you speak, speak honestly. No one likes fake.

3. Take long walks…like Garbo.

Greta Garbo was known for being reclusive and when she moved to New York and lived in near seclusion for almost 50 years, she was seen taking LONG walks and stopping at antique stores to quietly look and occasionally buy.  I practiced this after a major break-up a year or so ago and found out more about my own character.  When I’m alone, I’m very intuitive and very sarcastic.  I don’t care what people think and love to walk with one iPod earbud in and the other ear available to hear traffic or a casual hello. I do this at the gym, the supermarket and on my walk to work each morning. This is a form of “walking meditation” at some points.

My sister is a triathlete and tells me that working out is her meditation.  I never believed her til I started taking LONG Garbo-walks.

4. Make time to rest 

Resting for me is sometimes sitting on my bed with the fan on and creeping on Facebook or re-reading my favorite industry magazine articles or listening to the new Madonna album or even just sitting here at my computer writing.  I may not post anything, but the point is to get away from the public, from my clients, friends and even my partner and telling the wold to “shut the fuck up” for 40 minutes and leave me alone to daydream, catnap or just be.

If you’re not doing this because you’re too busy, I want you to shave 10 imaginary years off your life because you’re not living my dear and the stress is going to give you cancer and you will die never taking time to listen to your thoughts or gather any idea of what it feels like to enjoy the moment you’re in.

Take time to rest.  I go home, set my iPhone on “do not disturb” and set a timer for 40 minutes.  My Virgo tendency has sadly allowed me to have to “structure” rest time. On a day off, I go to lunch, go for a walk, and then go home to nap for about 90 minutes and look forward to happy hour after I wake.  Seriously, that’s one delicious day in the life of JRy.

Okay, my lovely friends, I hope that helps… tell me how YOU relax or what you do to maintain balance in your lives! Tweet me @studiojry or email directly at jcooley@fastmail.co.uk


Do you


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