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Living Well: JRy’s Crude Guide to Phone Etiquette

Hello LuxeLovers!

How have you been?  It’s been awhile since I’ve written and I have to be honest: I almost NEVER blogged again.  Truly.  Let’s just say this: life got cuh-razy for a second.  It was best to stay away from the internet.  I started thinking back to the days before social media while a client and I began discussing turning off our electronics at least one day a week.

When you say that do someone in today’s day and age, they shriek on the inside! The can’t handle NOT having their phone with them, much less not being able to get a WiFI signal or look at their phones every three or four seconds.  Watch a person closely that is between the age of 15 and 45, they look like they’re trying to locate flying bullets when they reach to glance at their phone screen.

I have a couple rules when it comes to phones that I want to go over that piss me off to the point that I believe could be making a bad impression in today’s day and age

1. Do not look at your phone when you’re at a meal with people.

I cannot stand sitting across from someone that is stuck to their phone when I’m flipping the bill for a nice meal.  It urks me really! I think to myself, “have some fucking respect”. Unless you’re doing a quick check-in on Facebook or expecting more in your party, shut your phone off while food is being served and enjoy the food and the company.  Exceptions for this can include: mutual understanding that you’re eating with other anti-social social-media junkies or having a cocktail.  That’s incredibly informal and generally includes adult talk, gossip and various rounds of f-bombs from your day or just for the hell of it, but when food is visible and its time to eat, for Peter’s sake, please place your phone in your coat pocket or set it facedown on a napkin next to you if you’re expecting a phone call… or fucking stay home. (that’s my rule)

2. Put your phone on silent when you’re in a meeting unless you inform the other party ahead of time.

You are meeting with me, asshole.  Please have some respect.  Listen to MY WORDS here AND now. Make eye contact.  Engage in the conversation or risk me never giving a shit to anything you ever have to say again.

3. Shut your phone off for at least an hour a day.

I actually enjoy NOT being on my phone for a couple of hours a day.  I shut my phone off during lunch and sometimes put my iPhone on airplane mode and play games or I place it on “DO NOT DISTURB” while I read the NYTimes or read an actual paper book or magazine. Remember those?  At home, I spend about an hour catching up on the day and then put my phone in the office or bedroom and shut the door.  I love my home life and really, honestly, don’t want to be bothered.  I’m already engaged in adult interaction 70 hours a week on average, I can handle a few hours at home without being dinged and notified of your birthday invite on Facebook.  I’ll get to you, I promise.

4. Do not look at your phone before bed.

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is looking at your phone before bed.  I go to bed with my Kindle Fire alot of the time, but I purposely make sure that my Kindle has NO access to my email account or social media and that I am actively reading, playing mind-games or falling asleep to a fight in my headphones I’m listening to on a Hulu episode of The Housewives of Whogivesafuck.

There you have it! Phone etiquette by JRy.  A little crude in delivery, but not nearly as rude as you walking into my salon on the phone or tagging me on Facebook while sitting from me at lunch.

Live well, my darlings!


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