Life: Knowing When To Hit Restart

There are moments in my life when I have taken a well-needed public hiatus and there are times when I’ve tried to launch projects, book events and spread myself thin and have been super successful.

There have also been moments when I’ve had to detach and say,  “its okay to hit restart.”

When I initially wanted to launch LuxeLove, it was supposed to incorporate a lot of aspects of my life and be this amazing deal, but man, that didn’t pan out.  Contributors dropped out, I didn’t have the time to dedicate to structuring it like I thought I would.  My blog posts became a once-a-month ordeal. That does NOT a blog make!

This year has been a challenging year in terms of reputation and trying to spark interest in events and projects.  It’s also been a controversial year for me that has definitely affected my creative life not involving my salon.  I can truly tell you that the internet is not the place I remember it to be and there are days that I don’t care to reply, interact or do much of anything when it comes to a smartphone.

People have asked me what happened to my zeal for blogging.  I can honestly tell you: I’m tired.

The year started out with a blow-out fight between me and my family and then escalated slowly into an internet and public feud with a local comedian.  Two months went by and a video that wrecked my online reputation left me in a place of doubt.  I have walked away from friendships this year, they have all walked away from me as well.  When a friend issues an opinion of you or does not publicly defend you because they have listened intently to the opinions of others, they have judged you.  I am now getting over the feeling of being judged.

For me, it’s hard not to feel hurt as I type this and I thought good and hard about even writing this post, but it needs to be published and posted for everyone to see my point of view.  2015 has been a productive, wonderful year professionally for me, but on a personal level I can truly tell you The Universe has applied a filter to my life and has sifted out truth from shame and friendship from users.

As I get ready to look at the remainder of 2015, I am thinking of re-working LuxeLove a bit.  I want you all to know that I love writing and I will slowly want to share my life again in a thorough blog format, but right now is not the time.

Thank you for reading,



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