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Monday Night: I Might Miss Mayberry

Monday, 20 July 2015 —

Today was probably one of the easiest days off I’ve ever had.  i had a chance to sleep in, greet my morning with some “couples time” (yes, you know what I mean) and take the time to do all the shit I talk about doing in my daily life that sometimes never happens.  Not only did I get to the gym and have a work out that actually mattered, I grabbed coffee, went tanning and got some sushi to-go while I was tweeting with the nice people at Vega (a vegan supplement comapny).  That’s a full day if you ask me.

You have to understand that for me to be able to relax and let go of the salon and the responsibilities to my clients and bank account takes great strength because I am constantly obsessed with everyone’s well-being and trying to single handedly become a millionaire socialite. Millionaire status may not come anytime soon, but when it does, I’m sure you’ll be made aware by SOME creeper on social media. That’s just how things work these days.

As I was leaving the tanning salon today, my friend stopped me and asked me how things have been.  I answered with a very generic “always busy”.

She made a comment about how Pueblo is becoming a hard place to live and not as nice as it used to be.  This is something that gets brought up more now than ever.  With the increase in the homeless community, increasing gang activity and drug culture spreading like wildfire in Pueblo, it makes a mother of four nervous to see her children grow up in a community like ours. I can’t imagine.

When Chris and I were in Denver two weeks ago, we could walk down the street and people were paying us compliments about how cute we were, not making comments about how gay we were or just gawking for the sake of gawking.  Everyone mixes in now I thought.  Sadly, I think I’m in the minority thinking that Pueblo is as progressive as I imagine it in my brain.  At one time, I LOVED this community, but after the backlash I experienced online this past year, I am convinced this city is full of people that have little do to except be in your business because they don’t have a goddamned thing of their own going on; not all, but a lot.  My clientele doesn’t include these people.  I have been blessed with professionals and socialites and overall “transplants” (people that WEREN’T born here, much like myself).  Thank goodness for my clients or I’d want to run and scream!  I can’t be stuck in this Mayberry-like town without like-minded people or company to keep.

Life for me in Pueblo has been so fun for the past decade.  I became very well-known over a period of about three years and moved on in other areas of nightlife and the social scene. I wrote, I opened a business, I hosted events, radio shows, have recorded podcasts, spoke at events all in the effort to elevate the image of young entrepreneurs like myself and to stay publicly recognized.  As I move on into the tenth year of my career, I start to contemplate what it would be like to move on and what would happen to the shadow I’ve left here.  Would I be missed?  Forgotten? Would the people here even care or am I the only one who is keeping track of my own hits?

To end the day that I very rarely get, I took advantage of all the produce I bought at the farmer’s market his past Thursday and made stuffed squash and paired those with some lentils I cooked in the crock pot overnight.  It’s those little domestic things people don’t see about me that I love doing.  Its all that stuff that I love about living in a smaller demographic.  I would miss the farmer’s market here, I would miss my friends, I would miss my clients.  I might miss Mayberry… one day.


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