Late Night Tuesday: It’s Not About Me, But It Is.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015–

So, I went back to work today. Tuesdays have been busy since the first day that I stepped onto a salon floor.  Most people don’t know that I step into the salon forty-five minutes to an hour before my first guest arrives for the day.  I have done this since I first started doing hair.  By the time I would reach the Starbucks line and then get into the salon at 8 nobody bothered to ask if I had a productive or “nice” day like most people do at work.  My typical day is 10-12 hours long.  When people schedule a 4:30 or 5pm appointment and show up ten minutes late, they don’t understand that I was on my feet for eight hours two hours ago. They also don’t understand that I was up at five in the morning trying to squeeze in time to meditate, work out and have breakfast before I seized my life over to the service industry, but I digress…

Each guest that walks into my salon matters THE MOST to me.  I never want anyone to feel left out.  I don’t want someone to think I charge $150 a session to just ignore you, ya know?  Today, I had nine guests in the salon.  I had to make nine people feel special with no expectation of a pee break, lunch break or additional bottles of water or afterwork cocktails to look forward to.  Thankfully, 70% of my guests know I am a human too.  I have another 30% that are so diluted and have no idea that I am NOT the help or part of the payroll.  Believe me, I know I chose the service industry, but I know I am a top colorist and have a value.  I would hope that at this point in the game they know that it’s a two way street.  Most of the guests that see me double-up as friends and anyone else that does not doesn’t get me.  Either they’ve shut me out because they feel their time is more important or I’ve done the same to them… much like their doctor except I do it with hair color.

Today I scheduled an uber important meeting on Thursday that concerns the future of my salon.  I was informed last Wednesday that the business next door I share the lease with is leaving in ten days.  These men gave me zero notice, but found it helpful to inform Facebook before me.  I was livid when I found out! Do you know what its like to be told you may have to leave in ten days with no notice or have to pay more than double rent with no written notice? It’s horrifying to think that they could back out of their end of the bargain no matter how much I like them.  I’m sad to see them go, but now I have to worry about me, my business, my livelihood and have to negotiate a new deal and possibly pony up a new deposit (I don’t have) to retain the space under my name.  I vow to NEVER fuck someone over the way I’ve been fucked over before and even (up to a week ago) the same way I’ve been messed over multiple times.  I’m not young and stupid. In fact, I happen to be rather intelligent and know I can negotiate this deal.  I’m not going anywhere!

Today, as I worked on all nine guests, I only shared the above info with like two of them.  I knew I’d write about it, I knew I’d spill the tea soon enough because I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I didn’t want to leave them out.  I didn’t want to make their sessions about me.


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