Thursday Night: Snow Globes and Leases

Thursday, 23 July 2015–

Today was THE DAY: Negotiation Day.  I really felt as though I was having to battle it out to keep my space internally.  I was determined to walk in, show the property manager the work we’ve done in the salon space and tell him goals and aspirations I have for the salon.  There was none of that.  I was really surprised.  My 3:00 pm meeting moved to 1:30 as a old rodeo cowboy walked in, weather-worn skin, not young at all.

“Are you Josh?”, he asked.

“Hi! Are you Ross?”

I was trying to style hair and was taken off guard when I saw a Cadillac pull next to one of my large windows and saw this man step out with a number pinned to his back. “I just finished at the rodeo a little early.  Thought i’d come by and see if I can touch base with you a little earlier.”

Well, no, generally, but YES today.  I was just ready to get the money talk out of the way… all before 2pm even.

Meeting with Ross has been playing in my head since last week when I received the abrupt news that I could possibly not have a salon space in ten days.  Realistically, I knew I had time to stick around as no landlord wants to have empty properties if they can help it.  There really was no money discussion.  As much as I wanted to make this a formal meeting, it seemed to me that cosmically Ross knew I was looking to lower the price of the property and stay with good intentions.  There really was no “battle” to keep my salon except for the one I’ve created in my head for the past 9 days.  Leave it to me to over-react and worry.

Let me share this with you: don’t sweat anything anymore in life.  I have been placed in many predicaments this year and each one panned out just fine.  If you have my luck, you’ll be tested numerous times, but you’ll figure it out or the Universe will lend a helping hand.  The snow globe of chaos gets shaken up, for sure, but the flakes settle every single time when the snowstorm is over.  That’s really all my problems are in the world: little snow globes.  I happen to like snow globes.  I just wish people would stop shaking them furiously.  Let’s take a break please.

After the not-so-eventful business meeting, I stepped next door to have a cocktail and called it good.  I could rest.  I could get back on track. In fact, I’m pretty optimistic about the future and plans for the salon.  If I wasn’t all-in a week ago, I certainly am now.

Later on, I came home with all intentions of making up for yesterday’s blog and paying bills and balancing orders and inventory at the salon;  I came home and made some coffee and turned on a DVRed episode of “Barefoot Contessa” and passed out about the time Ina started grilling peaches or some fruit I would never eat (or grill for that matter).  I woke up and the TV had turned itself on to an episode of “The King of Queens” and I drifted back into a nap.  Was it the cocktail? Was it the stress of the past week?  I don’t think it was either of those. I think I can finally rest knowing I have a business space to move forward with and a team to build, but that’s another snow globe to shake up at a later date.


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