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Sunday Brunch: Happy -Versary

SUNDAY, 26 JULY 2015 —

Chris and I celebrated nine months together on Friday night.  We made a vow when we got together to always make the 24th of each month special and this is probably only the second time we remembered to say “Happy -Versary” to each other.  Friday night was also Shabbat so it was normal tradition for me to want to have a nice dinner with my baby.  I’m not someone who cooks on Shabbat, I go out for dinner.  There is no Orthodox Judaism going on in my home and kosher-laws often get forgotten at the mention of prosciutto or shrimp cocktail.  So for whatever reason you must wonder, Shabbat to me is a nice way of saying “thank you” to the Creator and taking a moment to turn off communication, media and spend one-on-one time with Chris or very very close friends. Maybe we should just call Shabbat “date night” from now on…

We had a fabulous dinner at DC’s on B Street.  Chris loves the chef’s mashed sweet potatoes and would order a bowl of just that side if he could.  He couldn’t care less about Steak Au Poivre or Colorado Poulet, just give him potatoes!  My fa-fa ass, on the other hand, loves anything “farm-raised/organic/in season/heirloom/or 20x its worth” cos you said so.  So I had halibut and risotto.

Someone recently wrote some nasty comments about the restaurant a couple weeks ago and I laughed because I think DC happens to be pretty talented.  I have a client that trained with him and admires the hell out of him and DC used to buy me wine and always sit with me at my table and talk business while I ate before I met Chris and my many single moments I had the past six years. I think people tend to be nasty to people they’re jealous of or they hear one story and assume the person is an asshole.  I have this same complex around me.  A lot of people make comments about me being pretentious or rude and they’ve never even met me.  I think DC has the same air about him.  Who cares! His food is amazing and I love his restaurant!

After dinner, Chris and I went to our favorite wine bar and had a drink.  We had made plans to meet others out at The Senate next door to my salon so we called it a short night at the wine bar and headed over.  We played pool, we did shots, we laughed, danced to 70s music (the best music to dance to by the way) and took many an Instagram photo! It was a nice night downtown.  The topic of my old favorite bar came up and the fact that we haven’t visited in almost four months.  I have to tell you, I don’t have a desire to visit my old stomping grounds.  Word has gotten out that Chris is angry about the comments made about him and me and I highly doubt we’ll ever go back to a place where we spent hundreds of a dollars meeting friends only to be talked badly about.  That’s not a safe place in my book and sadly I can’t see myself being diplomatic enough to walk in without approaching the situation.

We took our last shots, drank the rest of our drinks and got the $65.00 tab and went home where I passed out on the couch talking about Meryl Streep in a half-sleep, half-buzzed stupor.  I woke up to Chris laying on the floor next to the couch and me in my robe.  Obviously, I had showered and layed down.  Not a bad “-versary” at all.



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