Late Night Monday: Space issues… or not?

MONDAY, 27 JULY 2015 —

So, if you haven’t been told or found out yet, I’m staying in Pueblo.  Yes, I said “yes” to a new lease all on my own with no help from my business-minded parents to a new lease and new terms.  There are so many things I feel like need improvement at Rockstars + Lambs but I’m not about to be a bitch and name everything I’m upset with… except maybe air conditioning.  We have air conditioning at the salon, but it’s all swamp cooler-based and it’s not fun at all about four in the afternoon.  It’s muggy, humid and hot.  Not warm, hot! i hate it with my whole soul, but my goal was to have a salon all my own and I’m happy to be in my own space.  I will deal with these kind of problems on a journey to becoming a multi-millionaire, property owner.

I had a friend of mine call the salon “sweltering” recently and it hurt my feelings.  I really wish that friends of mine would be a little more gentle when it comes to critiquing me.  It’s not fair to be so rude to me when I’m sure I could find something to point out about them or their professions. I love my friends, but it’s hard to take criticism, you know.  I’ve gotten better with age. well just leave that at that.

Today Chris and I passed a building that said a loft would be opening on September 1.  I have to admit, I selfishly want to move.  I want to move to make a change.  I want a space together to start brand new.  I have thought of this since before Chris and I moved in together.  My apartment has been amazing for six years.  I have been here single,  I have been drunk here, I have brought people here to pee, to drink their last beverage of the night, I have had a life here without ever having to answer to parents or to a partner and sometimes I feel like the space contains that energy.  If Chris and I moved to a new space, we would be there together and brand new.

I’ve seen the two units in this prospective building and love the kitchen size, but wonder if it’s just me being lustful over space and not about a lifestyle or partnership choice one block away from where we are now. That’s not a far distance!  Moving is such a pain in the ass; so is paying a new deposit.  By the way, we are signing a new lease on my salon for at least two years commitment with negotiation feasible.  Is two years too long or not long enough?  A new place to live may not be the best choice at this point, but I feel change is coming and frankly its up to me and the approval of my babe, not anyone else.


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