Wednesday Morning: I Got Your Back


Yesterday was insanely busy at the salon.  It’s been a wonderful ride this year even though I’ve had a couple personal hiccups.  The boys next door starting scraping the letters off their front door and they started taking skate boards off the walls and closing out inventory.  It’s sad.  I keep my eyes to the cement and head down when I walk past because it’s a pain in the ass to think that they are closing and moving on.  The idea of me closing makes me sad too. I don’t want to be the guy that has to admit he became tired of his business and decided to move on.  I hope that never happens.  I would hope if I ever close, its because I chose a corporate position for a color lab or decided to franchise or something fun.  You never know, ya know? My heart gets heavy because one of the owners and I became friends and I enjoy taking shots with him and enjoy seeing his face in the audience when I have a comedy gig.  He and his girlfriend have been nothing but supportive of me.  I’ll be sad to see Fred leave.  I have had to keep waving like nothing is happening, but really, I’m very sad for them and will miss my neighbors.

Last night, I stopped at the wine bar on the way home and intended on having two cocktails and coming home to make dinner for Chris.  That turned into three cocktails and a meat and cheese board that we split and came home to make burritos and fideo.  I insisted that Chris make the refried beans for the burritos because there’s something BOMB.COM about his versus mine even though I’m generally the cook at home.

Before Chris got to the wine bar, I had been speaking to my friend about friendships gone astray and we both concluded that not every person is designed to be your friend.  We also discussed one particular person that happened to be rather rude to her recently and has basically told her that he’s “done with her”.  I don’t get people.  You support them one day and they become yesterday’s memory that only forwards to the time they wronged you.  It’s hard for me to grasp.  I don’t know what I struggle with more: bad friends or not looking at the boys closing their shop next door.  Both plague me and make me sad. In any case, a little whiskey melts that all away… Italian meats and cheeses help too!

Chris and I got home and tackled the kitchen making our version of Tex Mex and talking about spiritual things.  That’s one of the things I love about him when he speaks to me.  We talk about everything spiritual from cult practices to meditation to energy work, blessings and parallel Universe-shit.  I like that. I like that Chris doesn’t think I’m a weirdo for discussing crystal therapy or why I say and do what I do on a whole other level.  It beats the hell out of talking about bad friends and closures and leases.

I fell asleep on the couch again last night and woke up about two a.m. and did dishes.  There was Chris laying on the ground next to me.  I woke him up, plugged my iPhone into the charger for the evening and fell asleep to an old episode of The Housewives of New York City.  About the time the next episode played, Chris flipped over to my side and held onto me.  This is love folks.  This is what its about at the end of the day.  He is a true protector.  I don’t need shitty friends when I have Chris around me.  He has my back and I have his.  I was craving more salami and gouda though… oh well, onto more Housewives.


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