Wednesday Morning: 4:30 A.M. Web Traffic


Today, I woke up on the couch and saw that Chris, once again, slept on the floor next to me.  I have moments where I feel bad about it and then I have moments that I think, “he’ll be alright” especially at 4:30 am when it’s difficult to wake him up and move my ass into the bedroom for a whole 90 minutes until my iPhone wakes me up. I remember years ago waking up at 4:30 and staying up because I would have a hard time waking up when the alarm would sound for the day.  These days, I’ll take whatever rest I can get. There are many moments when a nap sounds much more appetizing than lunch.

Last night, Chris and I sat around at the wine bar having cocktails and a small meat and cheese board before we came home.  I made some tacos last night and was really not in the mood for them.  I hate cooking something I’m not in the mood for.  I could have seriously sat down, eaten half an Avocado, half a cucumber and the turkey grounds I browned for the tacos and been ok.  I was not feeling tacos! I layed down on the couch and remember putting the DVR on and fell asleep. There certainly was not going to be any blogging, dishes, laundry or anything.  I woke up and saw that everything was still out in the kitchen and Chris had turned off the fans in the all the rooms.  I woke up because I was deathly hot.  The house was 70 degrees and I was hot! I swear I’m menopausing! I keep my house a chilly 65 degrees and I can feel the slightest temperature change within minutes.  Poor Chris has to snuggle up with a blanket as soon as he gets home while Mr. Freeze over here lives in tranquility. Anyway, all the fans came on, the A/C was set lower and I tackled the kitchen… all at 4:30 am.

Yesterday and the night before, I received notification that the blog has been experiencing HUGE amounts of web traffic on the daily and that it’s really gaining some heat in the WordPress world.  I haven’t had a notification like that since my first blog “Pretty Boy Education” back in 2010.  The blogosphere was different then: people loved reading, they didn’t rely on apps or gifs or movie clips, none of the smoke and mirrors that a lot of bloggers use to gain readers or followers.  I purposely started LuxeLove with an intention for something completely different that what it has become and I have to tell you I’m glad I scrapped those plans for more of a diary-style blog.  People are enjoying it.  I have a few nosey little eyes on the blog and hear about it occasionally.  People have even started saying shit like “don’t put this in your blog”.  I can’t promise that. If it happened, it happened. Writing four or five days a week has made me incredibly happy again.  Chris has noticed the change and I am determined to take readers through a year of my life.  Not sure if it’s always going to be exciting, but I’m sure hoping so.

This morning, I decided the gym was not my sanctuary at all and put a couple Pharmagel eye pads on and went outside to meditate and study my Zohar. I looked at the trees, thought about the salon, money, new retail and Chris laying on the floor hoping he’d wake up to come join me for a coffee or just cos. I came back inside the apartment and looked down at the living room floor. There’s my trusty companion, my other half, my protector, my partner… fast asleep.

I should have woke him up at 4:30 and sent him to bed now that I think about it.


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