Wednesday Night: Honesty is an Illness


Chris and I were reading the comments the blog has been receiving.  I read a few to Demetria today and we just laughed.  I know for a fact I laugh at how upset people get over something that doesn’t even pertain to them.  I have also learned that where there is smoke, there is fire as far as gossip and defensiveness is concerned.  Not every comment I’ve read has been bad, a lot of encouraging messages have been sent my way telling me to keep up the good work and some people have even asked me when a book will come out.  Well, friends, if local people are loving it, then I’m sure a book would be a success.  I’m also convinced that the crowd reading the blog that has critical words for me are just a bunch of creepers that like reading about me.  These are the same people that loved to hate Haute Mess and loved to hate my blog in the past and love to hate on my business and keep sending me business and web traffic.  They don’t understand that they are merely churning interest.  I hope they keep checking the blog over and over again and keep stewing in their own silliness.  It just creates a controversy that makes me giggle.  So much fuss for nothing honestly.

Tonight I came home and talked over dinner with Chris about why I love to write and the fact is that I love the act of writing.  The whole process of writing is not just a catharsis or a release, it allows me to recount days and thoughts that pass through my head.  My blogs, tweets, everything are nothing more than an extension of my honesty and a lot of people can’t handle that.

People don’t realize when they’re being lied to.  They get angry when someone tells them that the world they may be living in is a crock of shit. Authenticity doesn’t always reign supreme in 2015.  People love hiding behind apps, status updates and then get upset when they’re not included.  When I include people in my thoughts, they get upset. It’s too real for them! Lord forbid I ever let my opinion out in the open the way people have expressed themselves freely about me.

I was reading a thread tonight about me online and it was quite comical.  I was called an asshole, I can handle that.  I was called delusional, I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate since I didn’t imagine your thread and read the comments with my own eyes. The greatest was a comment made about me that said I “live a delusional life that is funded for [me]”.  This comment had nine Facebook likes attached to it and I looked at the names attached to the like.  What’s funny about this is that those nine people and the writer have no idea what they’re “liking”. Who funds me? What am I imagining?

I cant possibly be “imagining” a fabulous life that is all thanks to my fabulous clientele.  There’s no illusion there, folks.  It’s all real.  What I saw was a thread of sad sacks that can’t handle the fact that dreams come true and that I believe fully in manifestation.  Some people call that Diva behavior or arrogant.  It’s not.  Those people that have nothing nice to say about me are silly, weak individuals that have not discovered their own power in this world yet.

The molecules, carbon, stardust, all of that stuff that makes us up is all in your hands.  You can be fabulous too.  You can make things happen in this world.  You can live an honest life and you can have support and receive love and praise or you can be destructive and continue to live in the mentality that some dirty so-and-so is ruining it for everyone else.  Those people have victim mentality.  I don’t suffer from this. That’s a metaphysical inferiority complex! I suffer from an illness called honesty and honestly, I am not afraid to call someone out on their shit.

Today a lady wrote a comment on my blog that read “shame on you, Josh.”

Who are you to shame me? You’re someone that creeps and notifies a mob to assault me in writing online.  This person thinks I should carry her shame because I was writing from an honest place of feeling? I don’t understand her mindset. I wasn’t writing about her or to her directly or exclusively.  This person clearly confuses arrogance and honesty and has no (I mean ZERO) POWER over me.

The people that read, love, like and share are bonuses in my life, but honestly, my blog is not for everyone.  Its for me.

I’ll be writing more soon. Keep reading, friends!


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