Sunday Brunch: Getting in Sync


Today has been a peaceful and semi-irratating morning.  I layed in bed til well-after nine.  Chris had left for work and I didn’t even hear him leave.  I woke up to my iPhone with a message saying, “Just got to work, baby. I love you. You have a good day relaxing. I love you so much.” 

I got up and started making coffee and picking up the house a bit.  Sundays are always a little different for me because they can become a moment of reflection or they can be day #7 of my week where I feel like I’m still on the run balancing my creative life, salon life and home life.  I prefer calmness and reflection to the latter option. I went to my old, trusty 2011 MacBook and turned on iTunes to read that there were only 49 songs in the library. What the fuck, Apple? I looked at my iPhone and over 2,100 songs were in that library.  For the next forty minutes I went through every tab looking to find the remaining 2,051 songs that have escaped my library on the computer.

For me, it’s so much easier to have my life SYNCED together with the same music on one device as the other.  That is the beauty of being an “Apple Baby” (as I call us) and using iCloud.  Well, after signing in and signing out twice and plugging my phone in and getting 20 more songs to sync, I gave up on iTunes and made breakfast.  Fuck you, iTunes.  You’re going to throw off my Sunday flow.  I simply cannot allow that.  Time to buy a new computer… or call the folks in Cupertino.

Yesterday at the salon was a series of great guests and one very pesky prospective new guest that walked into my double-booked salon and told me to “answer my phone” when she calls and demanded to get into my busy Saturday.  She doesn’t quite get that I’m not at SuperCuts.  My salon works more like a doctor’s office with appointments booked out, not walk-in or call-in based.  Those salons that offer that service are absolute saints because I can’t understand waking up one random morning and demanding that my hair be taken care of NOW. My life doesn’t even work like that.  I have to think the night before if I really want an iced Americano on the way to work the next morning or if I’m bringing my own coffee that I’ll never touch.  There are too many options, too many things to think about.  I think that lady should wait, so I addressed her the way iTunes addressed me today: I wouldn’t allow to my thoughts to sync with hers.  Yeah, it was a dick move, but we eventually connected via text at 3pm and she’s on the books in three weeks.  Yikes! Asshole much, Josh?

As I sit here at noon and sip the remainder of this morning’s coffee, I am feeling like I didn’t accomplish much in the office this week.  The salon has been BOOMING lately and I’m very appreciative of that.  I have a stack of bills that need to have checks attached, stamps fastened and in the snail mail before I start receiving more pesky phone calls and messages.  Sometimes I wish there were 26 hours in the day, 8 days a week to finish all the tasks on my to-do list… but first I need iTunes to work….


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