Wednesday Night: A Couple Luxe Moments


This evening before I came home to make dinner, I stopped in at The Senate with Shaiya after we finished coloring her hair.  Her hair looked amazing! It’s this incredibly potent version of florescent red.  A lot of people would freak the fuck out if they wore this shade, but she rocks it incredibly well.  I was very pleased with her hair and was happy she came into the salon to come see me after being friends for awhile now.  I’ve been cutting her bangs every so often and its taken some courage from her to give me a try and I believe she was thoroughly happy.  I still can’t get the shade of red out of my head… or my shirt for that matter.

Chris came home to a package that he has been anticipating for some time now.  His face was filled with excitement as he opened a new pair of Christian Louboutins.  I have to tell you, when we first got together he told me that he liked shoes and collected them, he then added that he loved women’s shoes.  I said, “I get it.  They’re beautiful.” Then he told me he did drag and I wasn’t sure what to think because I had never dated a drag queen before.  I didn’t know what to expect.  In these past ten months, he has taught me that performing in drag is no different than me gearing up for stand up comedy or blogging.  I have found it pleasurable to watch him build his collection of shoes (especially Louboutins). One thing Chris knows is how to impress when it comes to appearance!

Tonight I was sitting in my office opening mail and started thinking: between Shaiya’s color and Chris’ shoes, I have been surrounded my bright, beautiful luxury in all forms.  I have been writing recently of all the things that bother me about people or my own apparent moodiness with “the world” when in all this time I should be looking at all the cool, amazing luxe items like hair color and fabulous shoes that so many people won’t have the chance to enjoy or experience.

See what a pair of Louboutins does to a boy? Doesn’t matter if they’re heels, it’s a form of art that makes you feel special.  Chris’ face lighting up today was the true enjoyment for me.  Shaiya’s pleased look on her face as I finished styling her and handed her the mirror to a look of pure joy made me happy as well.

I need more of those moments in my life. My birthday is coming up and I hope to have a slice of that joy they both showed me today.


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