Late Thursday Night: Mr. Magoo Goes To Work


Tonight Chris came home from walking in the rain and the poor guy looked like a melted popsicle when he walked into the apartment.  I told him to go refresh himself while I plated up dinner.  I feel so bad when he walks home in the rain.  I am such a puss, I would have made an excuse to go drink cos I didn’t ‘want to get my hair wet” or “ruin my phone” in the rain.  I know I would have said that because I’ve said it before.  Chris is a champ! Nothing holds him back!  An incoming rain cloud would have kept me from writing this blog, but I stopped for wine on the way over the laptop (just kidding).

Today I was running late for a meeting with my BSG Rep because I was fucking with my contact all morning.  I slept with them in (nothing new) and woke up just fine. As soon as I got in the shower, the steam messed me up or it was dry outside or not humid enough or some shit because my lens would not sit still.  As I kept messing with my left eye, Chris kept walking in and out of the bathroom and I kept getting anxious that I would drop my contact in the sink or the toilet like that stupid TV commercial.  I just want to cry when my contacts don’t sit properly.  In fact, crying helps. I got to work and opened the door for the BSG Rep waiting outside for our 10:30 meeting.  She got there a little early and Chris was leading me up the street like Mr. Magoo.  Needless to say, we received some new goodies from Wella and booked a free Wella class for October.  Hopefully, my left contact will sit still come early October.  The constant feeling of vertigo and my blinking twitch as I spoke to Diana were not only adding to the horror that I may lose this last contact, but it was just weird looking.

All day long I felt like I was playing catch-up.  I got to work late, blinked my way through my meeting, ate lunch standing up and kept trying to make enough time to do my eyebrows and color my hair.  Not happening, I guess. I walked around washing color bowls, prepping my station, disinfecting everything and haven’t had a chance to thoroughly clean the salon since like Monday. It’s been four days without an assistant in the salon to help me and I cannot wait for her triumphant return tomorrow because frankly I am a bit spoiled these days and I don’t mind doing all those things, but I was suffering from a handicap (I can’t get over the floating contact).

At the end of the day, I looked at the salon floors and decided I as going to go to the wine bar and look over my folder of bills I go through weekly and issue some checks. I looked at them and then looked at the Ciroc and told Shaiya, “gimme a vodka press. No Pinot tonight.” I can’t possibly relive Monday’s adventures while I look at numbers, add taxes and write checks.  I started adding up time in my head for tomorrow morning:  I need an hour to clean the salon and need another hour (at least) to throw some color in my hair and do my eyebrows.  When I add it up, i need to get to the salon at 7am, up at 5 to hit the gym, shower, email, tweet, come to work, sweep, mop, throw color in my hair while doing that and hopefully look fresh for my first color client at 9am.

Oh btw, this is my birthday weekend.  Tomorrow, I still have stuff that needs to be picked up for the goody bags for my private soiree I’m hosting on Sunday. Yes, 5am comes fast.  Now… here’s hoping my contact lens sits still this weekend.


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