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Monday Night: My Gift This Year

MONDAY, 31 AUGUST 2015 —

My birthday was yesterday.  I spent nearly two months planning a private party for my thirty-first birthday since I really didn’t have a thirtieth birthday.  When I turned thirty, I had been working all day on a Saturday and came home to a cold tuna sandwich.  That evening I went to the bar and sat with my friend that did not drink and my friend the bartender.  It was not a birthday at all.  It was horrible! I was greeted the next Sunday morning by a phone call from my mother and she said, “Are you tired? How as the BIG party?” When I told her that I had come home and had a sandwich and no one even showed up to the bar (in fact it was SLOW all night for a Saturday), she said, “oh yes! Shut up, liar.” I said, “no, Mom, I’m serious. I had sandwich and didn’t even want to go out which is cool cos only two people came to the bar all night.” She still didn’t believe me.  There was no way I could relive that again this year, so I took matters into my own hands and threw myself a gorgeous party.

I had a HUGE shindig at the wine bar that included fully catered meat and cheese trays, chocolate covered strawberries and crostini.  The guests enjoyed live music, cocktails, and even went home with goody bags full of my favorite things.  I was not going to relive a shitty birthday ever again! The most difficult part of the party was deciding who and who not to invite.  There were so many people I wanted to have there because I love them, but I didn’t know who they may bring as their plus one and If I had any doubt in my head about their choice of friends, I simply left them off the list.  I couldn’t risk a dramatic situation after the year I’ve had.  I want 31 to be peaceful.

As the day grew closer, I was diligent about creating an ambience that people haven’t had a chance to experience in Pueblo.  I wanted a cocktail party! I wanted music, I wanted the right about of booze, the right crowd, the right people there and I think it came out perfect! I have to tell you that being the birthday boy and the host with the most was a hard juggling act, but I think I did it well.  It’s really tough to share your time with that many people.  We had over 50 people there (maybe 65 or so). It was a huge affair and I wanted to make sure everyone felt special! So far, the reviews have been good!  Two of the emails I received today from guests said they felt valued and special.  That was exactly what I wanted! Who doesn’t want to feel special?

After my birthday, I took a slew of drunken Instagram videos thanking my “imaginary public” for the love and sipped on some red wine the bar comped for us.  It was good, but my buzz was catching up fast. My little sister was a trooper and moved all the gifts and leftovers to the apartment while I positioned the right selfie angle. My sister does not drink at all.  She’s pretty straight-laced so I was afraid of making her uncomfortable.  She doesn’t like to be around drinkers.  I wish she’d get over that.  I know not everyone drinks, but I wish she’d loosen up a bit.  Although, in all fairness, when I’m not drinking and people are around me, it can be annoying.  No one likes to babysit a lush. I was trying, in all my power, not to the be sloppy.  I did pretty good til we got to about an hour into dinner at Rosario’s in which I was incredibly mute and fell incredibly exhausted.  I got ready about an hour before the party and had been drinking Ciroc before people got to the venue. By the time nine o’clock rolled around, I came home and passed out.  I woke up at 2 am and saw Chris laying on the living room sofa.  I didn’t even remember going to bed, I just know my feet really hurt from standing all day.

This was definitely a birthday to remember! This is probably one of my top two parties I’ve ever had.  It wasn’t sloppy like my twenties, but my patience is very low for my thirties.  The difference this year was that I wanted EVERYONE to get along and enjoy themselves.  My biggest gift this year was giving the gift of laughter, sharing and togetherness.  I wish everyday was like my birthday.  The world would be a happier place… with a lot of buzzed selfies.


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