Thursday Afternoon: Good Coffee, Good Partner


“Nice, bubs! You feel better?” Chris texted me today after I sent him a picture of my fresh haircut.  I could not explain the joyful feeling I had leaving the salon today.  I was incredibly happy to wake up to no alarm this morning and only had a haircut scheduled at a very late 11:30 am. For me, I love to get appointments out of the way relatively quick on a day off so I can enjoy the rest of the day.  It has been nearly two months since my last day off.  I was off on a Friday in July to attend Adrienne and James’ wedding in Denver after a week of Guest Artistry at Shear Results. Please understand, I never count Sundays as a day off since they are filled with errands and family time. That’s no day off!

When I got back to the apartment today, I ate the other half of yesterday’s croissant and had a large cup of strong coffee made this morning.  Chris hates strong coffee, but he knows I love it.  I SHOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE THROUGH IT! Normally when he make coffees it looks like tea. Bleh! This morning, I know he was thinking of me.  That made me happy.  My poor baby has been working hard lately.  He’s been writing a book, he’s been planning Halloween’s drag look, he’s working full-time and going to school full-time with almost no time to himself.  Today, I missed him while I layed in bed sipping coffee. We both need to slow down a bit.

I sat at my computer checking email and had to proof a bio for this year’s installment of Dancing with the Starz.  I wanted to write something like, “The person you fuckers love to hate…” or “Remember the guy that slapped that bigot in the bar this year? He’s back!”, instead, I went for a very calm “Returning for his fifth consecutive year as a judge, Josh Cooley… yada yada…awards… yada yada… business… yada yada… happily living in Pueblo with his partner Chris...” that was new! I have never included anyone else in my bio because most of my exes were very casual in the relationship or cheated a lot. Today was a turning point in my public reputation as I wrote that sentence into the bio.  It’s very permanent sounding when someone mentions their partner in a bio.

I sipped my coffee and re-read my new bio.  Yes, that’s exactly where I’m at: “happily living in Pueblo with my partner, Chris”, writing a hit blog, owning a business, getting ready to audition for Wella Professionals as a color educator. All true, all solid. Maybe that’s what was different, it wasn’t like I had to try to proof a bio to make sure everything was adding up.  It’s all true. It’s a good place to be.  That strong coffee sure hit the spot.


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