Wednesday Night: Its Time For A Team


I realized this morning that I had work to do before my day off tomorrow.  Most of the time I sit at my desk on Thursday and write out all the checks for the salon for the week to come.  I took it upon myself to open up documents a day earlier and get some balances and bills squared away.  It was an incredibly busy day! I just wanted to be done as soon as I walked in the door today.  I know that sounds bad, but I just wanted to get to 6pm so I could come home and relax. The day wasn’t too bad.  I didn’t finish ALL the paperwork or even begin to clean the salon, but that’s alright, I’ll either take an hour and go in tomorrow and finish a few things up or stay late on Friday.  I am battling a rollover effect that somewhere started when I didn’t finish all my work because I said, “oh. Tomorrow I’ll come in for an hour.” What is this cycle I have given birth to?

My friend walked in today for her brow wax and brought me a Nutella-filled croissant from Hopscotch Bakery.  I cannot tell you how sweet that was of her to think of me.  She said she read the blog and just knew that I needed a pick me up.  She saw Chris and said hello to him as he got ready to leave the salon for work.  As he left, she said, “Bye, Chris! I love you.”  She is sweet like that. “He needed to her that” she said.  Yes, we both did, Laurel.  We needed affirmation that we’re loved because we’ve both been working fucking hard lately with zero breaks.

As we sat for a bit and talked after her service, I began thinking of all the stuff I need to get to and all the work that needs my attention. Laurel had approached me about coming to the salon to help and I didn’t brush it off, but I knew I was going to need the help soon because I knew Demetria’s schedule would be changing soon.  She offered to help and I said I would let her know.  Well, today was the DAY! I very much so need the help and need a break from the mass amounts of extra work and projects I’ve taken on as of recent.  I made a vow to change some things this Rosh Hashanah and bringing Laurel in to help with some administrative items and client relations will help out a couple days a week.  I need someone seasoned to help out a couple days a week.  I also need someone else to run deposits, errands and help take care of all the running around I can’t physically do for the salon.  The truth is that I really want Demetria to start doing more hair and listening to my demands less.  I want her to build a clientele and succeed, so now is the time to enlist the help of someone to take on all the non-salon duties.  It’s a big step for me because I am ready to release those duties to someone so I can focus on mentoring and educating a staff and working with my own clients a bit more. They don’t need to hear my voice on the phone, I have all faith that my growing team can handle phone duties and help out where the salon needs it.

Tonight I came home and layed on he couch.  The brown paper bag from Laurel looked back at me from the counter. To eat the croissant or not? Yes, to eat.  Yes, to enjoy.  Yes, to accepting that I need the help and that I need a bigger support staff at the salon.  Yes, to me bringing in a staff and yes, yes, yes to maximizing my time and learning how to share my space with others.  Its time to make more time for me as soon as the staff gets settled so I’m not neglecting myself and only taking a day off once every eight weeks.  This is too rough on my body and my mental capacity.

As I type this, I know I have made a few decisions regarding the salon and people that will be working with me soon.  I have made a decision to bring in another stylist and we begin training on Monday.  Laurel starts next Friday.  Demetria and Chris also have spots there.  I am going to move into the new year fostering and nurturing a fabulous team of individuals. Its time to grow as a team.


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