Sunday Evening: L’Shanah Tovah!


L’Shanah Tovah, everyone!

It’s a brand new year!  Well, for anyone celebrating or observing Rosh Hashanah it is.  I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time.  Rosh Hashanah is my favorite of the Jewish Holidays and it’s a great time of reflection and a good time to create new habits or turn new leaves in an effort to live a healthy, sweet life that is free of the burdens of the previous year.

My Kabbalah teacher told me years ago that when Rosh Hashanah comes around to look at it as wiping the slate clean and starting over.  In preparation, we take the time to self-evaluate and look at our actions (good and bad) and begin the atoning process.  Atoning for your actions is a way of taking responsibility to own every word, every eye roll, every negative trait or energy you may have thrown into the world the past year.  I have always written a blog or a list on Rosh Hashanah and want to share a few things with you that I intend on seeing through.

When it comes to business, I want to be more friendly.  I said last year that I wanted to be more compassionate and I feel like I’ve exercised that to an extent, but now its time to get friendlier and more human with people.  Sometimes it’s hard to see my actions and evaluate them.  As excited as I get about policies and procedures, I have to understand that some people don’t operate as shruedly as I tend to.  Leave it to Virgo to LOVE rules!

In my friendships, I want to practice more honesty.  I feel like a few of the issues that I let drive me nuts were all based on the fact that I like to hold grudges.  Holding a grudge can come from not voicing what is bothering me at the time it began to lead up to a problem that went unspoken.  I feel like I owe a few people an apology and I still feel as though there should have been an apology issued to me in some cases.  In any case, I’m going to move on.  This does not mean I will meet with anyone ( i.e. bar owners, salon folks, bath and body owners, politicians, lol) that I feel did me dirty, but it does mean that I will be letting go of the hatefulness between us.  I don’t want to continue hating people and being a dick to them unless it’s warranted.  It’s not anymore.  My door is open, any issues to discuss, let’s discuss (I love presents, bring a present and I’ll gladly meet with you over a glass of wine)!

At home I want to be more withdrawn and more inviting all at one time. I know this sounds weird.  When I say withdrawn, I mean turning off the phone and turning on my life.  It’s time to re-establish that when I am at home, it’s my time away from the world, my business, everything! Technology is great, but I find the world to be too involved in Facebook! The newsfeed is not even any fun to read anymore. I want to see more kid photos and family gatherings and less venting.  I really do. Time to shut all this shit off and relax at home. When I say I want to be more inviting, I mean that its time to shut the phone off and actually spend time with folks, talk on the phone, invite them for dinner or coffee and stop talking through a screen. We are all so distant these days and we find it alright to sit on our phones and stare into them and we don’t even take the time to ask the person next to us how their day is. I want to go back to old-fashioned manners.  I love my iPhone, but my iPhone is not a living person… no matter how many upgrades Siri gets!

This past year has had many ups! The salon is doing very well, I met Chris almost a year ago and I’m learning how to stay calmer as I get a little older.  I’m developing patience.  This is a huge milestone for me!  I’m not calm or patient generally.  I don’t do late, I don’t do excuses, but I can listen a little better than I used to.  Silencing the voice in my head has been tough, but I’m getting better at learning to relax and give my worries to another day and have learned to simply let my troubles go.

I have had obvious public scrutiny this year and what I will tell you is that moving on into the new year I simply am going to act as if my attorney is still advising me and move on without comment.  I don’t care to give the public what they want and I don’t care if they like my opinions or my side of the story.  I’m not here for you.  My life is solely made up of treasures I have discovered for myself and my life, my business, my partner are not yours to dissect.  Say what you will about me or any of the things I just mentioned, but say them to my face or keep your traps shut. If it’s not nice, then stay away.  If you have sugar and sweets to my face and shit to say behind my back, please quit, lose my number or let me know we aren’t friends and I will calmly move on.

5776 is the year to own your words and not be passive aggressive. That’s not just for those reading, it’s mainly for me.

Be healthy, stay safe, and smile into this new chapter!

xox- j.


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