Sunday Evening: The Harvest


Today, Chris and I joined Shaiya and a couple of her friends for brunch.  I had three glasses of champagne and some alright eggs benedict.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I love breakfast!  Don’t ever remind me of kosher law during brunch! Bacon reigns supreme at brunch!.  In fact, I don’t understand brunch without the salty crunchiness of something bacon-laced or -attached.  I need that in my life (at least once a week).  After the second glass of cheap champagne, it went down more smooth, so a third didn’t seem like a bad idea.  In all my bloated glory, i order four “Spiked Coffees” at our waitress’ recomendation to which the bartender sneered and looked annoyed at my request. Oh well! If you can’t handle brunch service, call off.  I have nothing for her… Maybe a hug? Not today, maybe another, but not today. I wanted four spiked coffees.  By the time I got the ticket, I was ready to go home.  That’s enough alcohol before 3:00 pm for me.

As we walked home, Chris asked me if I would like some “alone time”.  I said, “I don’t care, my baby.  I love you.”  Poor Chris has been asking me if I need some solo time since he’s been home a lot lately and the truth is that I am just fine.  I love my baby.  When I have some mental relaxing, its very nice, but I never want to send the impression that I need to be alone.  He went to the bedroom, turned on his Kindle and worked on a wig for his Halloween costume and I came into the living room, poured a cup of “virgin coffee” (minus the sneer) and fired up the laptop to check emails and Facebook messages from people that think they know me.  I had one message that said “hey boo boo” as the subject and deleted the sender from my friends list.  There was also a message from a distant cousin saying “hey cousin.  wats up?” Her grammar and misspelling alone compelled me to press delete before even attempting to open her message.  I know it sounds harsh, but oh well. About an hour went by and I was looking at my Timeline: it’s been a quiet week.  People are probably wondering if I’m alright.  Yes, I am.  I have needed the escape from the internet lately.  People are terribly nosey and I don’t want to foster their need for drama or info at this time.

We’ve officially hit the season in Pueblo where its too cold to run the air conditioner and even the ceiling fan is too much to handle.  Today at brunch, I wore a zip hoodie and a hat.  My head and my arms were cold (thats why I ordered the coffees).  It’s been a rather interesting transition this season.  As the High Holy Days closed, Chris’ mom passed and its been a sad little life at Casa de Cooley.  Its been a hard road for Chris.  My heart hurts for him.  His little sister has been coming to the salon and the house alot more lately and I truly don’t mind the young energy she brings.  Like all teenagers, she has an earbud in her ear and is connected constantly to her smartphone.  I don’t frown at this ever.  I really just want her to be a kid and if she feels comfortable enough at our home to fall asleep watching TV like she did the other day, then I’m cool with that. This week, itself, has been a week of emotional waves.  One minute, i’m good and we’re loving on each other, the next we’re crying or sad.

Friday night was the going way party for my good friend Wade.  We presented a roast with twelve other comedians and I proceeded to get drunk as a mother fuckin’ skunk.  I know by the end of the night that I was not even responding to the emotions of the night or the event that had taken place.  I cried profusely at his leaving and hugged him tight.  Wade gave me my start in comedy and it was like saying goodbye to my brother.  He’s off to start a new chapter and I have been thrown into a lot of new chapters as of late.  I have a new assistant, I’ve been training and mentoring a new stylist to start working at my salon and I’ve had to step up and be a good husband to Chris and supportive to him and his family.  I remember my grandma telling me years ago that “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” Okay, grandma. I’m going to trust you on this one.  I’ve learned that when you get to a certain age, it is YOUR job to help people move through life calmly as jobs change, people exit stage right and even friendships die.  I feel as though the window closed on Yom Kippur has left me with the mission to be everyone’s uncle, brother, or mentor.  It’s not about me this year; it’s about what I can teach others and assist them whether it’s emotional or physical.

This evening, I am looking at the apartment.  The blinds have not been opened yet.  I have not let the sunshine in.  The air is off and I am contemplating turning the central air switch to “off” for the season and changing the bedding to a heavier blanket for autumn.  Today as Chris smoked his first cigarette for the day, I saw a yellow leaf with water droplets on it on the balcony.  The trees are starting to go into hibernation. I don’t think God, the Universe or the season could give me a more apparent sign that everything IS changing.  Its time to move on.  If I’m here to make a difference in my friends lives and my partner’s life, then so be it.  The little cloud over Casa de Cooley this past month can move on as well. Its time to embrace the new harvest season.


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