Sunday Evening: Brunch, Housekeeping and Impressing


So its official: we love brunching!  Chris and I met Shaiya at brunch again this week.  I devoured eggs benedict as usual and Chris snacked on some cheese stuffed pretzels.  Three glasses of champagne later, I was craving coffee.  I love coffee AT THE END of brunch when I do brunch and mostly love the coffee to be laced in alcoholic goodness.  We had the same bartender help us as last week and just the same as last week, she slammed dishes and rolled her eyes over the Irish coffee orders.  I will never understand the crustiness of this woman’s mood or why she works on Sundays when people want brunch, drunky-kinda drinks.  Frankly, I’m tired of her.  She has brought my buzz down two weeks in a row and I think that tomorrow after my class at the salon I’m going to call in a complaint.  She was definitely upset that we ordered coffee again this week.  I suggest it be taken off the menu or she finds a tampon that’s been stewing in happy juice and that she gladly insert it into her cavity before work that way I can see a smile on her face and a pleasant attitude when I come back in for brunch. or she can fuck off.

Chris and I tackled the house this morning.  We tag-teamed the duties and cleaned our designated areas.  I never thought house cleaning could be fun.  I don’t really miss having a house keeper all that much.  There are days when I grumble at the fact that dishes HAVE TO be done and that laundry is waiting for me, but mostly, I’m enjoying being domestic.  Sadly, being domestic takes me away from writing (which I really love).  Last week I was lazy and didn’t update the blog at all which threw me into a terrible mood.  Tuesday, the height of my mood was directed at the fact that the day off I planned in my head didn’t happen (once again).  I am under the sneaking suspicion that I will NEVER have another day off and that the Universe is an asshole.

This afternoon, my mom and I went grocery shopping.  She seemed chipper today as she complained about my dad’s moodiness and I walked glazed-eyed through the sandalwood-scented aisles at the natural foods store.  I wish my poor mom would just quit working and stay home, but that doesn’t seem to be the case ever.  She works really hard and has for the last 30+ years.  She recently came back from New Orleans unimpressed.  I was jumping at the chance to go to New Orleans in my head, but she said it was dirty and old.  I think I have an affinity to dirty, old things.  That’s not really her schtick.  I felt like the venting about Dad and New Orleans meant she needed a martini (another dirty thing I love), but that was a no-go.  She’s getting her hair done on Wednesday afternoon, so I might surprise her and take her out for some gin.  She needs it.  I’m pretty sure I will too!

Tonight I’m setting up the salon for our first ever in-salon class. I’m super excited to be hosting this for Wella Professionals.  They’ve expressed interest in getting me to educate for the brand and I think this is another way of them showing me what their brand does best.  Anyone that has met me in the salon industry knows that I live for education.  I love it! I also miss working for a big-brand and going to other salons and traveling.  I haven’t traveled for a brand since late 2013 when I worked for Joico and I’m feeling a little tugging at my heart.

Tomorrow, we’re having a fabulous lunch at Rosario’s and have an educator coming in that flies between Denver and California.  She seemed really sweet on the phone and I can’t wait to meet her!  I invited sixteen stylists in town from different salons. Some of them have worked with me, some of them are interns that have moved on, some are just acquaintances I want to network with.  I am hoping that tomorrow goes smoothly!

My day starts at 8am tomorrow (a change from my usual noon start-time on Mondays), so I’m off to clean the salon and set up the space.  I hope the educator loves me and the class goes well.


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