Sunday Afternoon: Bored by drama (Sign #1 of getting older)


Some mornings I wake up and wander in the kitchen and look at the coffee pot after checking my iPhone and roll my eyes.  How could I possibly receive dramatic messages first thing in the morning?  Today was one of those days as soon as I woke up.  I looked at the coffee and measured the scoops, filled the chamber with water and pressed “on” and walked back to my bathroom where my mobile phone charger is located (don’t ask me why I leave my phone in the bathroom).  I see screen caps of messages, I see bad things that happened overnight and think to myself, “can’t the world just take a break from drama?”  The coffee was done soon after I responded and I gladly poured the creamer into my cup and moved on into my morning.

Yesterday in the salon was super calm for a Saturday.  I had four very sweet guests on the books. I love my clients!  I cannot stress enough to you how blessed I am to have formed some amazing relationships with my guests.  I feel like everyone has my back that sits in my chair and are generally interested in my life.  I know I’m in a service industry, but after a decade of doing this, you are bound to form bonds and relationships and that’s my favorite client to work with.  As the years have gone on, I have mellowed out on Saturdays.  I remember working in a large commission salon where the day started at 9am and ended at 6 or 7pm.  In those days, I was opening the salon and closing the salon, so my day was 8am to 8pm and it was dreadful.  I’d stay and clean or get ready for the evening and binge drink until 2am and get home around 4.  Sunday would come and I’d be first one in line at Starbucks.  At lunch, I would reflect with my parents about the happenings of the night before.  Now, it’s much less exciting.   My day starts at 11 at the salon and I’m out by 4pm latest and Chris and I hit a simple dinner unless we’re celebrating something.  Sometimes we have cocktails, but mostly, not as much as we used to on Saturdays.  I don’t want to spend my Sunday mornings with a headache or battling dehydration.

As I looked at my bank account,  I noticed the gym auto paid themselves for my monthly membership.  I really need to get my ass back in gear and hit the gym at least four days a week. I honestly bitch and complain about going, but I see results relatively quick. The fun part of my body is that I can lose weight very fast and the sad part is that I can gain just looking at bread. I had a client once tell me that I am bloated because I drink too much.  I told her to look in the mirror.

The last few weeks have been an adjustment at home.  I have been neglecting the gym and blogging.  I have been desperately tired the last few weeks working my ass off at the salon and trying to be the most amazing househusband.  I have been crashing lately and hitting snooze on the alarm for nearly five weeks.  It’s just not on my to-do list to worry about the superficial stuff right now. The blog is the biggest thing I miss when I don’t have time to write my thoughts out at night, but there are days that have irritated me lately and I don’t feel its fair to write nothing but pissed off blogs about what urks the hell out of me, so I’ve stayed quiet.

One thing that IS bothering me though is social media.  I find myself on Instagram on Pinterest more.  I find both of those very impersonal.  You don’t have to be too involved on Instagram, its just a photo album! Pinterest is all to-do lists waiting to happen.  Pinterest reminds me of my love for cooking and daydreaming about throwing the ideal dinner party or brunch get-together.  Those two are so harmless in the grand scheme of things.

Lately, Twitter has been more of a Newsfeed for magazines and brands I follow and Facebook has become a source of boredom.  I recently deleted over 700 contacts on Facebook before Rosh Hashanah and unfollowed about half of the people left.  We’re still “Friends”, I just don’t see your posts.  I like Martha Stewart kinda shit like recipes, pictures of your kids having fun on field trips and your latest check-in at a favorite restaurant, all the boasty, self-involved shit is the least of my worries on social media.  The funny part is once you eliminate the dramatic people from your News Feed, it makes Facebook kinda boring unless you like following my clients, in which case I love seeing their lives outside of the salon.

Chris made a comment the other day that I’m the only person he has ever seen actually read a magazine for its articles and not just browse the pictures.  I miss the days of magazine subscriptions and checking my AOL emails twice a day.  Social media has given us the illusion that there is more going on in the world more than there really is.  Pinterest reminds me of book groups except that we’re all swapping recipes we discovered or hairstyles we like or home decor we’re pining over.  Instagram is the new Polaroid picture!  Those are fun!  This Facebook bullshit is for the birds.  I used to love it, not so much anymore.


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