Sunday Afternoon: Busy Living!


This morning I tag-team-cleaned the house with Chris.  I ran out of dishwasher soap so decided to be 14 again and wash the dishes by hand.  I am definitely not meant to wash dishes!  Chris handed a couple back to me as he dried them.  There was leftovers left on a couple items.  What was I thinking, that I wasn’t going to have to cook another meal cos I left half of it on the pan? Anyway, we tackled the house together.  I vacuumed and he scrubbed tubs, I cleaned the sinks, he scrubbed the toilets and so on.  There are moments lately when I don’t miss my housekeeper.  I thought my life would be over if I didn’t have house keeping and as helpful as she was for the past two years, I’m not regretful in my decision to just clean the house solo.  I opened the windows to let in some fresh, cool fall air and sat down at the laptop and proceeded to read the NYTimes.

Yesterday Chris and I celebrated a whole year together.  We celebrated the momentous occasion by working at our respective jobs and then eating Mexican food later on.  Nothing fancy.  As fancy as I want celebrations to be, sometimes its best to just go with the flow.  Something that Chris has taught me the past year is that I don’t always have to sit to divine table service as much as I long for it.  Before Chris, it was very common for me to sit in a restaurant surrounded by servers or get sushi and head home or head out for a couple of cocktails.  He’s NOT nearly as elated about fancy food as me.  He’d much rather hit Taco Bell on the way home or order a pizza (which is what I think we’re ordering for lunch today, but not sure).  Chris has taught me how to say “fuck it” to fancy and to really appreciate the idea of enjoying my life.  This gives me a little more time to run by business and catch up on rest.

This past week has been a new adjustment as Chris has taken some shifts at the wine bar and started working in the salon.  He is kicking ass and so is my new stylist Antoinette.  Yesterday, they both had the TOP tickets in the salon while I wallowed in the misery of a no-show and they both sold retail and pre-booked appointments.  I looked at Chris and said, “you’re going to be making gangsta cash soon”.  I’m so excited for him.  Antoinette did the same this week!  She messaged me today with an elated attitude toward pre-booking and offering retail to her guests.  I am counting the days til I have to knock a wall down to expand Rockstars + Lambs.  I give it a year…

By the way, the time away from blogging the past couple of weeks has given me time to think about my life and listen to old pop songs I used to love as a young twenty-something.  A lot of people have noticed the lack of interaction in social media and some even text me a bit more.  For me, this privacy is a form of social hibernation that I have needed for sometime.  For the first time in many years, I have walked away from my business and let other people work it and I have respectfully walked away from social media being a main part of my life.  Word through the grapevine is that another friend of mine asked a good friend of mine if I even hang out with anyone besides her.  I thought that was a loaded question!  It’s like the “mean girl” in middle school asking if I grew boobs yet.

I told my friend to tell him to pick up the phone and ask me directly.  Why be worried about what I’m doing?  It’s funny.  You don’t write, you don’t blog, you don’t “Like” for a couple of weeks and people in 2015 think you’re lonely when in fact, I was busy LIVING


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