Monday Afternoon: Look out! The Holidays Are Officially Here.


Monday is upon us.  Not only is this a Monday that I actually had the day off, but it is the start of the week of Halloween.  Let me tell you something: Halloween never meant much to me until Chris came into my life.  So for one year’s time, he taught me how fun it could possibly be to dress up and be silly.  Any other year, whether I owned a salon or was freelancing, I knew that the week of Halloween signaled the END of my fiscal year in business. No more investments for the year, no more mass advertising (I don’t really do this), and most of the donations given are to my own toy drive at the salon which begins in two weeks! I kind of just glide through the next two months until the first week of January with no agenda.  I don’t take meetings very often anymore and don’t even commit to social appearances or bookings.  In the beauty industry, this was a time when all the educators rested and focused on sales in their own salons or worked on their clients, there was no traveling.  We all became rather land-locked and just saw each other again in January at the national and regional trainings to discuss the new year and the expectations for the next 10 months.  I since, adopted this as well and used to call the time “JRy Hiatus” years ago.  Now, it’s more like, “Time to rest and get shit done.” In any case, I still have to cut my black wig into a bob for Saturday.  Yes, I’m dressing up and YES, it’s going to be fierce!

Yesterday, I blogged about how much social media doesn’t really matter to me much anymore and I had a lot of “here here”‘s and a lot of whining.  There are people that love their social media and I totally get that.  I think that’s wonderful for you! I made the comment that people need to get outside and experience fresh air and meet 3D HUMANS (and I meant it). I just want people to understand that as much as I love the Facebook app and all the other shit we check 800x a day that I don’t put any value in the perception of me when it comes to Facebook unless there is something slanderous being written about me.  A lot of times, I’ll get online and see what someone had to say and I either agree with them, disagree with them, roll my eyes or laugh at the comment.  Sometimes people are very silly.  I think people that take social media TOO SERIOUS are very bored people.  I have a wonderful life at home and in my salon.  I love to update the salon’s page and my personal page to reflect first and foremost: promotions in the salon, then the blogs, sometimes articles I read (not very often) and finally nights out with my bubs.  Other than that, I don’t give much more info or even really answer messages.  Some people call this stand-offish or snobby, I call it prioritizing.  Facebook is NOT my priority, sorry friends!  Love you anyway…

Today I don’t have much more planned than spraying some dry shampoo in my hair and heading out for some essential groceries.  I looked in the refrigerator and there is like 2 onions and one carrot in the vegetable drawer and just enough almond milk for Chris or I to have cereal.  To boot: I ran out of coffee this morning!  So, I’m going to take an outing to the supermarket and grab a few essentials.  Chris was looking forward to pizza last night which I neglected to consider since I roasted a chicken and some vegetables Barefoot Contessa-style.

All-in-all, my life is settling down into holiday mode, so all I really have on my agenda is to run my salon, read a couple of books, buy a few gifts and worry about… well, nothing. Oh oh! The one cool thing happening in December is that I will be performing comedy at Andy Mac’s again.  This next appearance will be my first without my buddy Wade in the mix.  Since he moved, I haven’t given much thought to performing unless asked.  It will be different without him there, but maybe I’ll record an Instagram shout out to something from the crowd onstage… who says I don’t like social media?


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