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Sunday Afternoon: The Shadow of Anonymous


Last night was Halloween.  It was the 2nd time I dressed up for Halloween as an adult.  Chris and I graced the holiday with a play-on words couples costume.  If you’ve seen the movie V for Vendetta, you have to be familiar with the political activist group Anonymous.  Last night, I was dressed as Anonymous and Damentia graced the night as AnonyMiss.  It was very clever.  People literally had no idea who the 5-foot midget was behind the creepy mask graced with a black, Anna Wintour-style bob wig. It was great.  For me, I think that going from bar to bar last night and being in close proximity to an establishment I’ve been 86ed from dressed as a character named “Anonymous” is fucking brilliant! Unless you saw my black nails waving at you, most people had no idea who I was.  Even my stylist Antoinette wondered who I was when I showed up at The Senate to say hello to her.  I had a blast!  One of the bartenders at the Pirates Cove told me she would have never figured that I would have dressed up or dressed as I did for this holiday.  I’m so excited for Halloween from this point on and can’t wait to dress up next year. I also loved the idea of not revealing any costume details until people saw us.  We hinted and worked on pieces until the big day, but didn’t do much until then. What a blast it was when the big reveal happened last night!

While I was out last night, it was fun forgetting the past year.  Walking around in a mask felt like the cathartic action I needed as the over-opinionated man I tend to be.  For once, no one told me they didn’t like me, I wasn’t welcome or that they didn’t like my blog.  The funny part is that I have been asked a lot recently not to blog about certain situations.  All I can say is that if you end up in the blog, it’s not that I’m angry at you or want to “ruin you”, I’m writing about my life.  Sometimes, we make mistakes and sometimes we have confrontations we wish no one would know about.  As someone who has lived in the presence of both good and bad press, I really couldn’t care less about being asked NOT TO spill the tea on certain situations or my views of situations that occur in my life.  We all have things we’d rather take back or words we shouldn’t have said about someone, but at the end of the day, we can’t take those away.  Sometimes, those situations and words come out here and sometimes I get messages about it at work, over email or even over Facebook about my writing.  I don’t care if its negative or positive, it lets me know that people are READING! Last night was a nice break from having to answer questions to salacious stories someone may or may not have read.  I was asked NOT TO blog about a certain situation this week though.  Elements could possibly come out at a later date, so just in case, be nice and play nicely friends.  Spilling tea is a bloodsport for me and has made me a notorious internet figure for the past eight years.  I really should have been a gossip columnist!  Maybe in another life…

As I woke up today and saw the clock read 8:22, the type-A person I am got up and set the microwave to 8:22.  Not only was Halloween a blast, but daylight savings time kicked in and it gave us all another sloshy hour of partying.  As I ordered my last drink, I took two sips and pushed it away.  I thought maybe a beer would be better and pushed that aside too.  For once, I became tired of liquor and just wanted to come home.  My wig was itchy and I had been carrying it around by this point and I was ready to take advantage of the “extra hour” of rest.  The whole day has been a true day of rest.  I’m still in my jammies.  I have reservations for Italian in half an hour, so that concludes this blog entry.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like spilling tea, but as of now, I am loving living in the shadow of Anonymous. 


2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon: The Shadow of Anonymous

  1. Terry Behrman says:

    Brilliant Blog Sir! I love your life and your honesty! I endure some of the similar things you do in life. I find it amazing to see your grace…(or lack there of occasionally) come blaring through no matter what! You are amazing and REAL! LOVE IT! Keep it up!…A Fan


    • Thank you so much for reading. I think a lot of people understand my point of view because we’ve all “been there”. My fall from grace has been the most inspiring throughout the years (lol). I have many moments of greatness, but the moments of salaciousness and full-on drama make people sit up and pay attention. They’re not always shining moments, but OH WELL. I appreciate your words. Have a great week! xo- j.


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