Late Night Tuesday: Unkosher, Grey and In Love


This morning, I left a little before 8am so I could stop at the coffee shop on the way to work and get a breakfast sandwich.  It was crazy because today I woke up craving ham.  How on Earth did that happen?  Was I actually craving salt?  I think ham and bacon are ridiculously salty.  i have to tell you: after an 18 minute wait (yes really), my to-go order was ready and I walked to the salon and enjoyed the hell out of my unkosher breakfast sandwich.  I needed the extra boost because today I was fearing the dreaded hair color trend: grey hair.

I have never understood why the younger generation wants grey hair.  Sadly, I have failed miserably at grey the past three times attempting it.  Chris has had more success than I have.  In order to achieve grey hair, you have to bleach the hair (twice a lot of the times, and sometimes three times), you rinse the hair, and DRY it, then you tone it like you would any other blonde to eliminate warmth and then you wash and dry it again and then FINALLY you get to mix a (hopefully) cool enough formula to build grey on the hair.  Today was my most successful attempt.  I liked the color, but I felt like it was too dark.  I took the advice of a top Wella Color Expert and did what she advised.  My client loved her hair and so did I.  If I had to repeat the mixture again, I would NOT have gone as dark, but I think four hours later, we had great results.  Still don’t understand the grey hair trend though.

 Chris came to the salon today and worked on deconstructing a wig.  That man is ridiculously talented at wig-making and has proven to be a great colorist.  His wig for Halloween was a great grey color.  I needed his help this morning! Today, he didn’t have to work outside the salon and he didn’t have any clients booked, but I was busy beyond belief! I had a blast working on that color this morning and the day was amazing for the next six hour as I worked on three more colors.  It was intense!  I haven’t had that much energy on a Tuesday in a long time.  Maybe it was the ham?

Tonight, Chris and I grabbed Mexican food after work and stopped for a couple of drinks at the wine bar.  Tomorrow he’ll be working all day at the wine bar.  I love to surprise Chris with food while he’s working even if he doesn’t have the chance to eat it until he gets home. Someone wrote me a message on Facebook and told me that reading the blog was like reading a great love story unfold and I was so happy to read that.  I have kept those words close to my heart for the last few weeks.  When Chris graces the door at the salon, I remember those words.  When I surprise him at work with a meal or coffee, I remember those words.  When he hugs me at the bar, I remember those words.  Today as I worked on that color, I remembered him and his knowledge of mastering that color.  Today reaffirmed me that my bubs is a great compliment to my life and I feel like he balances me out.

Maybe I should eat ham more often…


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