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Sunday Afternoon: A Break From My Life


So, I have spent the last two hours on the internet like a fifteen year old. In between the New York Times Thanksgiving recipe guide and looking at Pinterest, my early Sunday afternoon has be consumed with reading, reading, reading.  Chris told me I am the only person he has ever seen read a magazine cover to cover and actually read books.  I have to admit, books are a great past time, but I generally have like three or four going at the time.  I can’t stay with one book fully.  I read books fully when they are salon education and it only takes me a day or two to complete those because they’re generally technical and I love learning, but when it comes to reading for pleasure, I prefer doing that late at night and on Sundays.  I don’t primarily read on a day off.  Anyway, I have a feeling I’m going to finish reading Ina Garten’s first cookbook and search for something new.  Fiction is not my deal, so I tend to reach for a lot of cookbooks, celebrity memoirs and self-improvement books.  Those thrill me! That may be why Pinterest has taken over my social media.  There’s not bullshit drama on Pinterest, just how-to stuff.

Today, Chris kicked me out of the kitchen because he is making dinner for his sister and brother.  They’ll be here soon and he’s been prepping tortillas and green chile.  I have to admit that any kind of Southwest-Mexican food is not my forte.  I am not good at making it!  I can brown beef for tacos and chop vegetables and that’s about where my interest lies in that area of cuisine.  I’m excited to see him bust it out in the kitchen.  The smell of the pinto beans is incredibly fragrant and smells like fall.  I remember my own grandmother making beans. The smell was very similar to the one in our own kitchen today.  It feels good to breathe and peruse online reading while Chris prepares food.  I’m super appreciative of the break!

The rest of the day seems pretty uneventful for me today.  My mom has been slammed at work recently and has been working 14 hour days on a minimum.  My dad called this morning to let me know that she won’t be available today to go shopping or anything fun.  I sent her a text message and told her that I would treat her to martinis and a meat and cheese board at the wine bar sometime this week.  She just has to let me know the day! I hope she takes me up on this offer.  I need the time with her.  I know she’s looking for an excuse to have a martini.  I never need an excuse!

Two hours of internet time is about all this boy can handle, so I’m onto pampering my face with a facial and get ready for Miya and Rob to get here.  It’s the first time Rob has been the house and Miya has become a regular fixture in my life. The addition of Chris’ siblings has been nice.  I want them both to feel comfortable around me and feel like my home and business is a safe zone to forget the bullshit the world throws at all of us from time to time.  I told Chris last night that I would like to take Rob out to dinner so we can have a brother to brother-in-law night talking and getting to know each other better.  It was almost a whole year of being with Chris before I met Rob so its important to me that we have the chance to bond.

Onto my facial mask and smothered burritos later.  What a Sunday! What a nice break from my life!


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