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Sunday Brunch: 2 Artists, 1 Bohemian Schedule

Sunday, 06 December 2015 — 

I love Sundays.  I don’t know if many people understand that I don’t care to make commitments or plans on Sundays very often.  Last week we attended a Christmas party for the wine bar and I enjoyed that very much.  My evening ran late into 11pm when we got home and I looked at the clock and realized that we needed to get to bed since Chris and I both work on Monday.  He goes in at 10am and I hit the salon at 11 on Mondays.  Needless to say, the fried food we ate and beer we drank at Sunday’s festive celebration stayed with me all week as the worst bloating I’ve had in a long time.  Everyone tells me getting older means that your body reacts differently to things you used to eat and drink when you were younger and I must admit that those motherfuckers were correct! I was Fatty McFatterson til Saturday.  A person can only layer so much until they realize they’ve put on some pounds.  That’s probably my least favorite part of the holiday season: unnecessary weight gain.  Today, I woke up and felt fairly normal as I picked up the house and drank black coffee.  Hopefully I get my normal shape back this week.  I’m tired of feeling like a sausage.

Today has been super calm.  Chris got home last night a little after 2am and we were in bed at 4 and I was passed out by 4:20/30.  When your spouse is a bartender, it has to be understood that you will be taking naps at 10pm and waking up at 1am to greet them/cook for them/talk to them as they come down from their “work day”.  Our schedules are completely fucked up. (LOL).  Chris has been working at two bars and taking clients at the salon for two months now.  We both work about six days a week and our shifts are long. I work days all-day with clients and he works at night as the week grows older.  Here’s an example of our week:

Monday – Chris leaves the house at 9:30, sees me at the wine bar later around 6:30.  I leave the house  at 11 and meet him there generally after I clean up and leave work. We have dinner together and don’t enjoy interruptions. Pretty normal, not so bad.

Tuesday – I am in the salon at 8 and schedule myself with guests until 6pm, Chris may work that night and come home anywhere from 12-2am. If he has Tuesday off, it’s a bonus, but honestly, I would much rather he go make some money.  It gives me a chance to blog, write, watch “The Housewives of Beverly Hills” and read or do laundry. Easy night.

Wednesday – Chris leaves the house at 9:30, I leave at 11 and bring him coffee on my way to work where I’ll be til 6 and usually bring him something to eat as he works until 10pm. We have a cocktail and walk home. We come home, eat and watch “American Horror Story” and he falls asleep to Netflix later on. About 1, I put my book down and try to sleep with headphones in.

Thursday – I’m back at work at 8am-6pm and Chris begins another shift about 4:30 or 5.  This tends to be an evening when he’s out early, so we can come home and enjoy some time together.

Fridays and Saturdays are unpredicatable.  I work in the day, he bartends until 2am and helps restock at the end of the night.  We eat at 3am and hit the sack about 4/4:30am…

When Sunday comes, I am so happy the monotony ends.  As someone who has been in the bar scene for nearly ten years, I can tell you that there is SUCH A THING as having too much alcohol around you.  Last night was one of those nights.  I don’t want to gain more unnecessary weight, so I left after couple cocktails and came home.  Chris made hamburger soup and we fell asleep at 4:30.  It’s nearly 1pm on Sunday, you think I’m going to wake his ass up?  Think again.

My point of sharing our schedules with you as you read this is that Chris and I make time to spend time with one another each day, it just may be in a busier setting than most people are used to.  If he comes by the salon, I am generally with a guest and cannot disengage.  When I go to one of the bars and he’s cocktailing or bartending alone, I talk to him in “spurts”.  I always tell him to serve others before me.  I don’t feel ignored and I don’t get sad anymore because I know we’re both hustlers.  We will do whatever we have to to make a living and we will do it with smiles on our faces and collapse later.  Today is the collapse day.

Generally on Sunday I can’t even think of drinking!  I’ve been around alcohol and spirits all week.  A glass of wine with spaghetti is more than enough. So, any of my friends out there reading this, please understand that if either of use make plans with you on a Sunday, its means you are VERY special! We don’t have a lot of relax time or we have time away from one another where we’re running errands or working on a drag project/blog/comedy writing (cos we’re artists).

I have never felt so Bohemian in my life! It feels amazing.


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