Wednesday Morning: There’s More There

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 —

Chris and I had a mini-movie marathon last night starting with “The Color Purple” when I got home.  It had been a few years since I had seen that movie all the way through!  I cry over and over again during that movie.  The story is very touching in so many aspects and so dishearteningly sweet at moments.  You really feel for Celie throughout the movie.  I am always so surprised to know that was Whoopi Goldberg’s first movie (and it was NOT a comedy).  Chris and I watched the movie and were crying like babies.  I was crying because I became so involved in the film and he was very sad because he was missing his mama.  I sat on the couch with him.  He laid his head on my chest and had a good cry.  He used to watch “The Color Purple” with his mom.  He always talks about his mom when he talks about “The Color Purple”.  In that moment, I was sobbing for him.  My tears were so salty and the pulses from my body and his were so intense that no sound was coming out.  It was like a hiccup on steroids.  It was the kind of crying that made your heart physically hurt. We moved on to “Steel Magnolias” next where we laughed and Clarie and Weezer and again, cried when Shelby died.  As we moved to the bedroom, I took the iPad with us and turned on “Corrina, Corrina” (again starring Whoopi) and we fell asleep to her humbling performance as a maid that connects with a little girl that just lost her mother and is dealing with grieving.  Chris turned over and went to sleep.  “My heart hurts, bubs.  If something happens to me, tell Jay, Rob and Miya I love them and know that I love you.”

“You have heartburn, baby.” I said.

“My heart hurts…” He said and drifted to sleep.  I held him for a few minutes and fell asleep shortly after.

This morning I woke up and felt his heart.  He’s alive! Thank you Lord.  All that crying almost killed us.

Yesterday was very nice because I actually had a lunch break and went to lunch with a long-time client.  When she came in a couple of weeks ago, she said that no one ever liked going to sushi with her.  She told me she has to pick her sushi up to go and then she stops at Popeye’s on the way home for her kids and husband.  That’s not a good mix at all!  Chicken and sushi? Boo! I told her I would be her sushi buddy and she said, “Well, let me know…”  I don’t think she thought I was serious! Later that day as I was sitting at the wine bar having a glass of wine, I text her while I was reconciling my daily sales from the salon on the iPad and asked her to lunch.  I totally could have booked clients in that two-hour spot, but I wanted to invite her out.  Something in my heart told me to do so.  We had the most wonderful time talking about kids and family.  It’s funny when you “break bread” with people to see how their shell comes off and you see the vulnerable little heart beating underneath.  We all need someone to talk to and someone to shake their head while they sip sake and say, “I get it. I do!” I enjoyed the break in my day and getting to know her better.

A couple of day ago, my aunt came in for her haircut and told me she missed my blog.  I told her I’d been busy at work, celebrating Chanukah last week and going to holiday parties.  Add Chris’ and my work schedules to this mix and it makes it impossible to get to my MacBook to overshare… believe me, it kills me, friends.  I love writing.  Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me sane.  I feel that for an instant, the readers are like me holding Chris or like going to lunch with my client: you see a vulnerability you would never see behind the chair or when I’m on stage telling nasty jokes. There’s more to me than a hairdresser that writes a blog, there’s a friend under that shell, there’s a partner that loves his partner deeply.  There’s a foodie there.  There’s substance there.  There’s love there. That’s my most favorite spot to share with others.  Whether you read the blog or we split some sushi or watch a movie, I love you and feel the love back.


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