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Saturday Night: A Little Bit of Bessemer

Saturday, 19 December 2015 —

I have realized that I love homey restaurants.  I love neighborhood bars.  I love old world recipes.  I love life minus smart phones.  I love not being connected.  Last night, my family and I went to dinner at an old Italian restaurant in the Bessemer neighborhood in Pueblo.  There’s so much history in that area here.  A lot of steel workers lived there, drank there and raised their families there.  You can still feel the energy of domesticity in the streets.  I imagine the same kids walking to school, back home, to church, the store together and being at each other’s houses before daycare became a thing.  That’s the energy I feel when I visit any business in Bessemer.  Its like Pueblo’s very own Brooklyn.  I always make colorful comments about me buying a home in Bessemer because NO ONE would assume I would live there.  With all the talk of downtown this and nightlife that, and sitting on boards and being a man about town, no one would ever figure I’d fall in love with our very own tight-knit old world mecca.

Last night, I sat at LaTronica’s with my mom, dad, aunts, uncle and their friends and saw conversations going on.  There were very few smart phones up in the room and lots of people that knew each other.  I walked in and recognized seven people immediately.  My landlord was walking in behind us and I held the door for her as she walked in.  She was surprised to see me.  I gave her a side hug (a new thing for our very business-y relationship) and wished her a Happy Christmas.  Her older friends (all in their 60s or 70s) said “Merry Christmas” and walked in.  I followed.  The room was amber-tinged with framed photos of pee-wee baseball and Italian celebrities,  Dean Martin is like God in most Italian restaurants. To honor Dino, one should always drink whiskey.  I did that and ordered my veal.

After entertaining my table over wine sundaes and sharing portions of each other’s meals, I headed out to have a drink with my uncle and aunts.  My parents exited stage right (as usual) and went home.  They’re not nightlife people. I always try to explain to everyone that I am opposite of my parents! I do not enjoy being home all that much and I don’t enjoy sipping water at dinner.  My parents don’t like bars and generally don’t like seeing people drink copious amounts of alcohol.  I, on the other hand, tend to drink like a fish.  As one of my exes used to tell me: “The party is never over [for me]”.

I met up with Demetria and Joe at The Senate later on where Chris was bartending and had a couple drinks with D.  We were sloshed! Joe was a good boy and was the designated driver and about an hour after I arrived, they went home and I was left to sip whiskey on my own.  I moved onto a margarita and proceeded to have the worst hiccups of my life.  Chris and I walked home,  I threw up and came out to the living room where he had poured me a seltzer water and turned on Jumpin’ Jack Flash (my favorite Whoopi Goldberg movie).  We talked for a bit and I began falling asleep.  I woke up this morning in bed, next to my bubs, naked under the blankets.  There is something so relaxing about sleeping nude.  It may have been the whiskey, the red wine at dinner or naked snoring (I don’t know what it was exactly), but I was FINALLY able to relax and woke up feeling rested.

Today at the salon, I worked with a new client and introduced her to the world of balayage.  Her hair was fucking phenomenal!  I knew I was going to be ON POINT! I knew I was going to impress her and I was in the best mood today.  I kept going back to last night’s holiday dinner with my family. There was a table of people I loved.  We all shared each other’s food, we all shared each other’s company, we laughed, we loved, we talked. As we left, we all hugged one another and went on with our individual evenings.

Waking up today felt cozy.  There was a little part of Bessemer that I took home with me last night.  I looked out the window as I made a fresh pot of coffee this morning and thought to myself that last night’s dinner couldn’t have gone better.


One thought on “Saturday Night: A Little Bit of Bessemer

  1. Honorary Aunt says:

    Yes Josh dinner last night was amazing, but then any time we spend together is amazingly full of love and laughter, thanks to you… Lol Love you lots ! ! !


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