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Tuesday Night: Blood Doesn’t Make Family… Love Does.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015 — 

Today, my friend and I went to lunch at Jorge’s and got schnawkered on margaritas. They are notorious for their strong margarita recipes.  I love their drinks, but one is just about enough and in the middle of the day, you are playing with fire.  Some people never make it back to work!  I got back to the salon and Chris could tell that I had been sipping something strong.  I sure hope I didn’t smell like tequila!

I had a great talk with Yvette.  We talked about love, our families, birthdays, holidays and so many things.  She has really been a great friend to me when I sometimes haven’t been so nice to her.  When I opened the salon, I was so busy focusing on the layout of the salon and keeping a minimum bank balance that I remember being short with her. You know the old saying that you often lash out at the ones you love the most?  She was one of them.  She never made me feel bad for it and she never ever gave up on me as a friend.  I thank God everyday that Yvette has my back.  She and Chris have been working together at The Senate and they are a team made in the Heavens! Having her next door a couple nights a week and working so closely with my partner has brought us back to the origin of our friendship: having fun and having great conversation.  Yeah, I was probably buzzed coming back to work, but my lunches with Yvette are timeless.  We always have a great time together.

I found out today that my good friend Wade is flying in briefly in January.  I am not saying what day in the blog so as not to set off an attention riot, but I am determined to see him.  I found out today when I came back from lunch and died with excitement.  All the Christmas wishes in the world cannot bring back your friends when they move away.  I have missed him!  He was one of the only friends I ever cried over… I didn’t just CRY, they were BIG SALTY tears!  Chris knew I was sad when he moved away and the idea that I can see my buddy again just elated me.  He was truly one of the only people that has given me joy in this world.  I can’t wait to see him even if it is briefly.  I’m hoping I can talk him into a haircut while he’s here.

This evening rounded out with a couple of drinks at the wine bar while Chris went shopping.  I came home at exactly the same time Chris got home.  He bought presents for us and groceries and is now making dinner.  Sometimes I look at him and just want to burst into tears.  No one can please me like my bubs and my friends do.  There is something to that!  As you get older, you learn that sometimes people (even family) disappoint you, but the way to enhance your life and keep it “familiar” is to keep those loved ones close.

Everyone I wrote about and thought today are people I love. I know they know that, but it feels good to know that at the end of the day, I have found love.  I hope they all know how loved they are.



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