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Thursday Afternoon: Christmas Eve, I Guess.

Thursday, 24 December 2015 — Christmas Eve

I woke up this morning a little before 9am and thought to myself how difficult it is to actually sleep in as you get older.  It really is a sad reality of life.  As you age, you can’t sleep like you did when you were little and as you age you can’t stay up as late (unless you have stress-induced insomnia) and after 27/28, you can’t drink like when you were 22/23.  This aging business is for the birds.  Anyway, I was incredibly rested and incredibly grateful to have the day off.  I have no desire, whatsoever, to answer my work phone or take a message.  I was surprised at how many people wanted to ask if I was available to do hair this week.  These people texted after 2pm yesterday (the 23rd) and wanted in?  Are you smoking crack?  Where have you been all holiday season?

Chris and I have been watching “Married with Children” all morning and fell asleep to it last night.  I remember growing up and watching the show with my uncle.  My mom detested this show.  She thought Al Bundy was incredibly disrespectful to women.  I would agree.  I don’t see the difference between Al Bundy in “Married..” vs Archie Bunker on “All in the Family”.  I think satire is satire.  In fact, satire is generally the funniest.  Chris and I have been on a mission of watching as much British comedy as possible.  The Brits are experts at satire and tongue-in-cheek dry humor that pokes fun at human emotion and reaction.  The generalities that they pick fun of are often what I try to convey in my humor when I perform comedy or even just talk to people.  Some people say I’m just talking shit and some think I’m just a humorist.  I would consider myself a humorist and smart ass, but nothing more than that. Anyway, this crash course in comedy style has resurged my brain.  Come 2016, I want to dive back into performing again.  I have missed it greatly.

Last night, Chris and I fell asleep in the living room with the DVD player auto-playing season 1 of The Bundys. At 5 am, the couch was digging into my back and Chris and I OFFICIALLY went to bed.  Tonight, I’m heading to my parents’ house for Christmas Eve and will probably stay the night.  My grandmother has the guest room and so I will be forced to sleep on a couch in the living room.  That’s absolutely NO FUN unless you’re 8 years old.  I would much rather be in the guest room in a bed.  I hate sleeping in anyone’s living room.  I hate anyone seeing me sleep.  It’s not like you look pretty asleep, ya know?

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to coming home and having dinner with Chris.  I still have gifts to wrap.  I wanted to sneak off to the gym.  I figure that few people are worried about the gym today and maybe I can peacefully peddle to some music in my earphones and won’t have to fight a muscle head for a machine or two to pretend lifting weights.  We’ll see!  Anyway, I hope Christmas Eve goes well.  Adrian is not speaking to me this year (once again), so I’m sure Christmas dinner should be uncomfortable and awkward.  I can’t wait for the 26th to get here.



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