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Monday Afternoon: Sponsorships and Socialites

Monday, 28 December 2015 —

Well, its back to work for me this afternoon!  I had a guest that cancelled last minute (never a message I want first thing in the morning).  It was totally ok with me because I had some office work to tend to.  Originally, I was supposed to be at lunch with a friend today, but booking became an issue at the salon and I had to cancel.  I’m sure she’s not happy, but part of running a business means I have to either BE THERE or I have to be ON the whole time taking phone calls, bookings and messages and returning them.  Its tough.  My stylist that quit last month didn’t seem to understand the busy-ness behind the scenes.  She felt tossed off a lot and I felt as though she needed to be more of a self-starter.  She moved on and sadly a lot of my friends have done the same through the years.  I need people to be a bit more understanding with my schedule.  Making money is not hard when you’re on top of your business, but maintaining that momentum can be a challenge if you check out for TOO MANY DAYS. Anyway, I went through tons of messages and now I’m working on collecting some sponsorship dollars for the German-American Club’s Fasching event coming up in January.  They have chosen me to co-host once again this year and I have to share with you: I’M FUCKING EXCITED!

I have built such a report with my friends, clients and business associates that the sting of asking for sponsorship money has lessened. Ten years ago, I would sweat, shake and cry if they didn’t say yes.  I remember raising funds for fundraisers as a young 21 year old and when people didn’t want to help out, I used to get incredibly snarky! Now, I’ve learned that just because someone says “no”, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you, they may just be uninterested OR the event may not attract an audience they see will benefit them.  That’s okay too.  I get propositioned all the time and I say “no” many times.  Sometimes I wonder if I said “yes” too many times in the past and “no” too many times this past year.  Truth is: I create a budget for the year and once its out, it’s out. That’s all there is to it.  Daddy Warbucks and I are NOT synonymous (no matter what you’ve heard).

Fasching is a chance for me to get back on track at my duties of hosting events and re-establishing myself as a public figure in 2016.  I feel like an 80s popstar that took a decade off and now has a dance record coming out in the 2000s (ie Cher, Kylie Minogue).  Truth is: I’ve been busy with Rockstars + Lambs this past year and attempting to grow a team.  I need to get back to what fits me: being a socialite.  I enjoy that!  I love being at events and enjoy being seen.  Hosting events is not easy! It is a lot of work!  You are the talent and the ring master; it is YOUR JOB to not only entertain, but to keep everyone’s interest.  I’m so glad my long-time friend and local celeb Lisa Conway is co-hosting with me as well.  There is even a surprise performance in the works that I think people will fall in love with.

I have a couple of guests this afternoon at the salon and some odd and ends stuff I should work on.  I don’t really want to, but I have to.  I have one more week with Christmas decor up in the salon and some detail cleaning to tend to.  Today is going to be no-frills Josh.  Those days can be kind of fun.  I don’t wear make-up, I don’t even suck in my fat.  Hold the spanks for heavy volume days, I say!

I have a list of people to consolidate that may possibly be interested in attending Fasching that I need to shoot a “Save the Date” email to. Facebooking about it seems a bit premature, but after the blog hits, I’m sure I’ll be talking about it for the next month until the day arrives.  That’s fine by me,  I need a little positive attention and I want everyone to come and drink German beer, dance and enjoy the festivities.  This community needs more of these events.  Pueblo can get caught up trying to re-enact The Mayberry Chronicles if you let it.



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