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Wednesday Night Owl: 2015 Shut Down Commencing

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 —

Well, it has been really fun clicking into WordPress and seeing that I am actually gaining some readership from the WordPress community.  “LuxeLove” has been one of my favorite blogs to write.  I always feel like I’m writing a book in front of the whole world and everyone is reading it in tiny little volumes at a time (a lot like a television series).  I don’t suggest ever binge-reading my blogs EVER.  They can become incredibly dramatic and some of them are just very ordinary people mundane.  Although, if you’re like me, I feel like reality tv should be more like my blogs.  I want to see people eating sandwiches and falling asleep on the couch after a day at work.  The fights and the venom that can spew from the blog world are really not my goal, although, THOSE posts tend to be my favorite to read aloud or see the web traffic and the comments from people are funny.  2015 was definitely the year of everyone taking everyone and everything offensively (including me).

Tonight, I came home and made myself a vodka press and decompressed by reading emails and going through Twitter and Facebook and Chris worked on a sewing project for New Year’s Eve and watched BBC.  I fell asleep after catching up on the daily newsfeed of people’s lives and decided to lay down for a little while and watch TV with Chris. I fell asleep and a couple of hours later woke up to apple pie.  How does that happen?  Only at my house…

Chris’ birthday is on Thursday.  He has the lucky birthright of being a New Year’s Eve baby.  I want everything for his birthday to be perfect.  Chris is bringing Damentia, his drag persona, out for his birthday.  I think that will be a hoot during New Year’s Eve and the many celebrations people will be attending!  Chris and I already have a room rented for post-party rest and I’m looking forward to two more days off this week.  The holiday season is almost over and the year is almost over.  Thank you Lord! I cannot wait to shut the chapter known as 2015.  It’s been long and grueling and the lessons have been many.  I’m ready to toast this year goodbye and shut a majority of those chapters down permanently.

Always moving forward, my loves.  Always.

xox- j.




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