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Tuesday Night: Feeding a Cold

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 — 

Tonight is kind of chilly in the apartment.  It may be a mixture of the heat not working properly and it may be a mix of me getting over a nasty cold.  I really believe my little run-in with food poisoning weakened my immune system!  This is the first time I have been sick since Chris and I have been together.  He has waited on me hand and foot, given me a pedicure, played cards with me, and just been a sweet love bug since I haven’t been feeling well.  I cannot imagine having some debilitating condition that made me this tired or this unenthused to get up and do simple things like take a bath or type on my laptop.  Hopefully, we make this next couple of days the last few sick days.  I can’t be bothered by a cough, runny nose and back-of-the-medicine-bottle symptons.  What a drag…

This week’s comedy gig got moved to next week.  I was ready to go.  That’s okay though.  Maybe I’ll go clothes shopping.  I wanted to build my wardrobe a little bit this year because I feel like its time to add some pieces.  I should be working on new comedy material.  I just feel like it’s time to write about more stuff besides gay sex and man-on-man jokes. I want to focus on talking about my family a bit more.  I don’t want to be family-friendly whatsoever, but I feel like there’s some more depth coming up in my new 2016 sets.  I love talking about tacky stuff though like penis length and semen.  People either laugh or they get upset and don’t speak to me after or they have “no comment”.  Whatever.  Get a grip, grow up, be a grown up, grab a drink and learn to laugh.  It’s funny and you know it! 

I told Chris this was going to be the year I took my power back.  What I mean by that is that I do not have any intention of going on stage and telling the same joke or being overly nice or even being overly difficult to get along with, I want what I came here to do:  I want to create, I want to express myself fully and not allow what’s going on around me to affect me or my pursuits.  Last year was the year from Hell.  I just want to move forward.  I started cleaning house this year by writing a few uncomfortable letters to people and sending them via snail mail to express myself.  I figure if someone gets upset, they’ll call me or show up at the salon and want to talk about it… or punch me in the face.  No matter what happens, I am going back to normal and making myself a social scene staple.  I have missed it.

I got sick earlier this year and so all of my nutrition and fitness goals have been put on standby while I figure out how to quit coughing up a lung and rest my body enough to sit up and not feel winded.  I have been so sick,  I don’t know if anyone understands how different that is for me.  It’s really very cool to me that comedy dates have moved by coincidence and that the salon has been a typical slower-paced January.  I have needed time to work on me and read and sleep, but now I’m getting tired of not feeling well. One day at a time, right?  It’s the prime time to work on my writing.  I know as soon as January 22nd comes (first comedy date of 2016, btw) , this year is going to run by in quarters very very fast, so I’ll just breathe in and out at this moment in time and take the unofficial siesta I have needed for quite some time.

Sunday I layed in bed until nearly 2pm and after that I literally watched movies with Chris all day (in bed) and didn’t do the normal Sunday items: no emails, no cleaning the house, no prepping for the week, no social media, nothing.  I didn’t eat until about 10pm.  I literally just layed in bed all day.  When I got online, I noticed that the meme I posted about haircolor that “offended” everyone had 512 shares alone on Facebook and 500 likes and over 125 comments (some good, some bad). I haven’t missed anything… the internet is still a clusterfuck as usual. Missing a Sunday didn’t set my week off.  I think I needed to just lay in bed with my bubs.  That DID help me feel a little better too.

As I type this, Chris is laying on the living room floor smoking a cigarette and watching a movie on his Kindle.  I have my headphones in and I’m listening to Rod Stewart as I type.  I can’t imagine anything better.  If this is how you feed and nurture a cold, it’s worth it.  Here’s to a healthier, cough-free tomorrow.

xo- j.



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