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Late Night Thursday: Feeling Better

Thursday, 14 January 2016 —

The whole time I was working with clients today I kept thinking that today was going to be long and dreadful then I realized I’ve been sick and its January.  Most salons are not super busy during the month of January, mine has been so exception.  Today was like the first day at work all over again for me: I had a full roster and thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone on my books.  My last guest kind of rushed me, but I was game.  He bought product and pre-booked per usual, so maybe I’m just slow-running or overthinking (or a combination of both).  In the end, it felt good to be busy today.  I miss when it’s not busy.  On the plus side: I got all of my paperwork done for the week!  That never happens… ever.

Today I got on Instagram and have discovered why I love it more than most of the apps available now: you can give subtle hints of what you’re into and be completely blatant or completely cryptic and people can allow their minds to wander.  This week alone,  I have seen slutty pictures of people thirsty for attention, marketing from beauty companies and Damentia Madrilliano’s account (a personal favorite lol) hinting at the use of sulfur and her home in Hell.  I love it so much!  Last night, on the American Horror Story: Hotel finale it was great to see Sarah Paulson’s character discover social media and to see her character Sally stop living in such a depressed state.  I think there are tons of people out there that rely on social media interaction as a means of forming bonds.  I think in the early days I did too, now, not so much, but I do enjoy creeping.

Tonight, I met with Christina and we discussed the program and scripting for Fasching coming up at the end of the month.  There is so much that goes into a production.  I am incredibly excited to see who comes out and see how it all works out for my second year hosting.  The more we talk about it, the more excited I get.  We sat down, had a couple of drinks and talked about the event and decompressed by talking about work and some slightly Buddhist-y subjects.  It’s always a good time talking to her.  I’m so glad to be working with her again.  She has always been so supportive of me and my career.

After being sick for two weeks, it was great to be in a non-cloudy mindset and I was happy to be back in the salon working with clients, taking meetings, interacting online again and making people laugh.  In the end, a normal day for me involves a lot of interaction both in person and virtually.  When you’re sick, you have to limit contact!  That nearly crippled me.  I have to be social!  At the essence of who I am, I am incredibly social.  As soon as I sat down for my 7pm meeting this evening with Christina, I knew that my 12 hour day was a good sign that I felt better.  I missed being busy. Sick is not my “look” and it doesn’t work for me.




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