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Late Monday Night: Calm Before The Dog…

Monday, 18 January 2016 —

Every moment of today was the true definition of the word “calm”.  This was probably one of the calmest Mondays in the salon.  By calm, I don’t mean “not busy”, I mean almost serene and nearly quiet even in the middle of doing a cut.  There was a very melodic silence at times where I was allowed to actually get some work done.  I hope this flows into tomorrow.  I can’t handle the days where there is pressure added to the day’s roster of clients.  Maybe being sick for two weeks allowed me to recalibrate a bit.  I have my own theories as to why it seems so calm these days.  I feel like everyone is in sync finally.  I don’t feel like one of my stylists was exactly fitting in.  She said that in her email to me when she quit and I’m now starting to see that maybe she was right.  She brought a lot of stress and angst with her to work.  I have not had that in years since I was working with someone that was consumed with being offended and a Debbie Downer all the time.  Let me tell you, if you are working with people like that and you have the power to eliminate them from the staff, please do so.  They are not worth your time or effort.  Do not invest in anyone that tugs you down into the trenches of personal agony.  A calm Monday is nearly the polar opposite of a Monday three months ago…

Last night Chris and I called a cab at 10:15pm and walked around Wal-Mart for nearly three hours.  Chris and I would drive most folks crazy: when we shop, we walk down every aisle, read every label, look at stuff we’ve seen 25 visits before and work our way through the entire store.  We get lost in the process of grocery shopping.  It’s fun!  Last night, we knew it was later to go, but we enjoyed having nearly the entire store to ourselves and walking around.  We got home about 1:30, ate and went to bed. Chris was concerned that I was going to be tired, but to be truthful, our average bedtime is somewhere between 1-2am.  When he bartends and gets home from a shift, we may not go to sleep til nearly 5am.  Now, it doesn’t matter to me to sleep 4 hours or so and get up as usual, but I let Chris sleep in as long as he wants.  Our relationship works best when we both follow our own flows and meet somewhere in the middle.  I think after a year and four months together, we have learned our boundaries, habits and how to adapt.  What else were we going to do at 10:15 on a Sunday night, watch Netflix?  Netflix never closes.  Play on Facebook? Facebook never closes.  Walking around Wal-Mart was kind of fun.  We didn’t have slobbery little kids with shitty diapers crying to go home.  Wal-Mart is actually quite pleasant when the stereoptyped demographic is at home sleeping or feeding all 14 of their kids.

Today after work I ordered take-out and Chris asked me if I wanted to have a drink.  I have to tell you: I tend to be a pretty good patient when I’m sick, I don’t drink very much or avoid it entirely.  I was told that it’s bad for your immune system to drink while being sick.  I have missed happy hour, but I think maybe I’ve weaned myself away from sitting at the bar after work.  I don’t mind being home, but I do miss the social component.  By social component, I mean checking my email, not ACTUALLY talking to people.  I have all the time in the world for talking after emails and Twitter have been checked.  Being home has given me a chance to plan how I want to re-decorate the office.  I have no desire to have a formal office these days as the papers just get collected on the desk  I never use and Chris and I use the room as a “catch-all” for coats, shoes, drag attire and presents people have given us that have remained unopened. Time for a shake-up!  Clearly that space has not been utilized for the past year, so its time to adapt it .

Being 70% reclusive and confined to my couch and Netflix/Hulu for two weeks after work has allowed me to look at my home and see what needs to change and evolve.  Chris wants a doggie so desperately, I’m looking for new couches and changing the once-office to a creative den for us.  I don’t know if I could handle a doggie, then again, I think it could be a lot of fun.  There’s the little matter of convincing my landlord.  I wonder what she’d say?  Six years in this apartment, I wonder if I can convince her…



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