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Tuesday Night: Balancing Out

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 —

I woke up this morning about 8:15 and shook my head in disgust knowing that I was supposed to be AT the salon at 8:15.  There’s never a client on the books that early, but in order to be up and ready for my first guest at 9, I can’t just show up and “start”.  I have a whole routine!  I get to the salon, check the thermostat, turn on the music on and walk around lighting the scented candles and spraying air freshener.  I can’t handle walking into a salon that smells like a salon!  The days of ammonia and thyoglocolate are gone!  You should never smell the old-school “beauty shop” smells our grandmothers often huffed.  To be honest, walking into any business that does not smell good or that does not play music makes me gag.  I believe that ambience is EVERYTHING.  To your guests, it should seem like the coffee is always magically made by itself and that you are up and ready to go.  I need that 45 minute window before any shift, even if I work at noon.  Today, I nearly missed that window.  So I asked my guest to come in at 9:30.  I hate asking clients to come in later, but they really don’t need to see me rushing around like a maniac!  It all worked out…

I’ve been reading a lot lately after taking a little field trip to the library with Chris a couple of weeks ago.  We had a fun time looking for books.  He spent a lot of time researching books and I, in turn, left with half the second floor.  I normally read a couple of books at one time.  For fiction readers, this is unheard of.  I have to let them know that my method only works for non-fiction.  I have a PILE of books next the couch in the living room and read them in the sequence they land! I pick “book 1” up and read a chapter, set it down to form a new pile and go on to “book 2” and continue through my cycle.  Every day for the past two weeks, I have been taking a book to work with me and reading it during processing times if I don’t have side work or messages to return.  Let me tell you: this is so much more enjoyable than scanning the social media feeds.  Maybe this is what my soul has been missing! I missed reading. The mix of books I’m pummeling through include “Jews & Money” (a book about the stereotype and why it’s OFFENSIVE), “Modern Love” by Aziz Ansari (so fucking funny), “The Code of Jewish Ethics” (it’s like Encyclopedia Britannica for those that strive to keep a kosher life full of mitzvahs), and a few oldies I’ve been paging through.  So far, “Jews & Money” has the larger part of my attention.

For the past two days, I have been juice-detoxing.  Yes, you read that right! Believe it or not, I used to juice five times a year, three days in a row to recalibrate my system and to detox.  I think the first year, I used to cheat and eat salads at night.  I have not detoxed since before Chris and I got together and told him that was a goal for me to restart in 2016.  I normally aim for the middle of the month to do this process, but we had a series of events (birthday parties, comedy gigs) that kept me from wanting to even attempt.  I can’t drink [alcohol], I can’t have gluten or processed wheat products, white rice, meat, none of that! I’m literally drinking water, hot teas, organic cold-pressed juices and at night, I try my best to enjoy a vegetable-based soup that’s been blended to omit solids.  When I explain this to folks, I am really just trying to clear my system of all the stuff we hold onto (animal carcass mostly) and just give my body a ZAP of vitamins and natural sugars for energy.  Tomorrow is the last day and I have already planned my celebratory meal for dinner. I have been a trooper this go around.  Next one’s coming up in March.  The big debate is before or AFTER St. Patrick’s Day (LOL).

So January has been pretty mellow compared to last year. I started out the year with food poisoning that left my immune system weak and had the worst cold/bronchitis ever, but after getting better, I greeted last weekend to my first comedy gig of the year.  It has been MONTHS SINCE my last set.  The feedback was that no one could tell! My friend Dan asked me, “how can you do that?  No gigs for months and you come back strong every time?”

I’m a performer. I’ve been excited to get back to performing. This weekend is the big Fasching Winter Karneval I’m hosting with my good friend Lisa for the German-American Club.  That event was HUGE last year and has been the years prior.  I’m excited to get back on stage for the second week in a row.  The reading, the juicing, the downtime has all helped.  Truth is, I think revisiting the library and taking some time away from the chaotic world I used to play in frequently has allowed me to balance out.  My salon and comedy will only benefit from this shift.



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