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Late Night Wednesday: The Sleep Mask, The Vegetarian and the Popularity

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 —

I overslept again today.  I missed my haircut actually.  How could I possibly do that?  I am a Nazi about people not showing up for their services at my salon.  In fact, I bill them! I’m kind of an asshole. I woke up at 10:32 today and murmured “Son of a bitch” in my drowsy language as I stared at my phone wondering why I didn’t wake up.  The sleep mask Chris bought me on Sunday must be working.  I sent a text to Elizabeth apologizing for my rude ass and asked for her to find me any time to come in and get a cut.  I will cancel appointments to get a haircut with her.  I don’t think I’m fired, but I’d be pissed off if I did that to ME. She sent me a cute little text along the lines of “you’re just a sleepy little man.” It was cute.  It made me feel better, but holy mother of God, I’m not sleeping next time I have a haircut.  That’s what I get for wearing a sleep mask! Missed my favorite appointment every two weeks all for a little… ya know, sleep.

Today was my first day off of the year.  I planned on waking up, getting a haircut, checking email, working out and calmly eating a vegetarian dinner with Chris to break my juice detox.  What happened was nowhere what I planned: woke up late, missed my haircut and had cheese enchiladas Tejanas to break the fast.  Not exactly ideal, but I did check my email and take a couple of phone calls.  I stopped by the salon and put some retail away that came in.  My shelves at the salon have looked pretty barren.  Christmas wiped me out and it is just now (a month later) that we are refilling the gaps.  What a slacker…

Chris and I have recently discussed going back to vegetarianism.  I know that pisses off vegetarians and vegans to read, but we try our absolute hardest on a daily basis to make meatless decisions.  I shouldn’t feel like I have to justify my diet to anyone, but in the world of 2016, it seems like everyone is so damn interested.  I know (for one) that I am always talking about making non-GMO, Organic choices, but even I lose my shit thinking about why I have to tell people this.  Why should you know that I don’t want to eat meat or try to keep kosher? I don’t think anyone really gives a shit, I think we have just run out of things to share on the internet, so Food Porn seems interesting.  I know for me, I love reading that Gwen Stefani and Lisa Rinna are vegans (I have a hard time believing it though).

I was scrolling through Facebook today to see that Wade has me hosting comedy next month and I have a dinner to attend that night and can’t host.  I divaliciously asked if we could move the date to the night before.  I’m waiting to see if he’ll say he’s working on that or if I get a middle finger emoji sent to my iPhone in the morning.  I want to host stand up next month, but I want to attend this Farm to Table dinner at the El Pueblo Museum next month (which coincidentally has a vegetarian menu available).  In the same night that I see I’m hosting comedy, I was also invited to judge Dancing with Pueblo Starz (year 6) again this September.  I was surprised to be asked back actually considering I seemed to be the negative media darling of 2015 locally for nearly 6 of the 12 months.  All in the all, it seems like things are picking up on the social scene for me compared to a year ago.  I am enjoying the scheduling, the juggling and the overall love of being asked. I missed it.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll probably be a bug a boo and call to make sure Elizabeth hasn’t fired me as a client (I love her haircuts), and to see if we can work out a different date at Andy Mac’s for comedy next month (I really want to host).

Here’s to hoping I don’t SLEEP IN tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll go back to sleeping WIHOUT a mask.


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