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Sunday Afternoon: The Night of Awkward Cues

Sunday, 31 January 2016 —

Last night was the big Fasching Winter Karneval.  The three months of planning and production all came to fruition last night.  It seemed busier last night than last year.  We had a night full little vignettes and thanking of sponsors.  It is a task to get all the verbiage out.  Last year,  I wore a pair of Armani pants with the Burgermeister costume I was instructed to wear as host.  I preferred the pants over the puffy shorts and tights I had to wear last night. I felt like a goober all night.  I put those pants on and walked out of the bathroom with the most annoyed face and the loudest “WHAT THE FUCK?” uttered over and over for about five minutes.  I hated those pants.  The costume was made years ago for a MUCH taller, MUCH larger man.  I just couldn’t take my costume serious or get into it.  The hat is really cute, I love all the feathers, but the costume designer came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and told me in her very thick accent: “you are wearing hat backwards.” That killed my Fasching buzz.  I wanted to change back into my classic black-on-black ensemble I’m known for.

The big event of the night for Chris was that his drag persona Damentia was performing last night.  We had this whole fight-slap scene choreographed with sound effects and cues ready to be the SHOW STOPPER for the second interlude and after four rehearsals, the technician forget his cue and could not figure out the music.  He fucking missed his CUE. I remember distinctly telling him, “Remember, your cue is the world ‘prize’“.

He fucking missed it! 

Chris performed and slayed!  Damentia Madrilliano was the talk of the evening, however, with missing the first 30 seconds of the choreographed music, I was fuming.  I looked over at my friend and said, “how do you miss a fucking cue?”

What can I say? I’m a perfectionist.  I’m a seasoned performer.  Most people didn’t notice and got into Damentia performing and slaying the dancefloor.  Lisa played with Damentia a bit and handcuffed her at the end.  It was really amazing to watch.  Damentia’s make-up was on a point and her body was tight.  All together, it was fierce, but that moment was the moment I officially checked out mentally and almost told Lisa to finish the night.

I loved the party and I am so complimented that Christina asked me to host a second year in a row with Lisa.  Next year, I’d be more than happy to be the king and just enjoy the party.  I would also love to see Damentia perform for a full 8-10 minutes and introduce this large crowd to drag.  I think they’d enjoy it.  Sadly, I don’t want to wear that costume again.  If I could wear the hat and not the puffy suit, I’d be a happy baby.  The traditional costume was not my gig last night.

We finished out at The Senate last night.  My friends have been so busy! I’m so proud of them.  We got there and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to eat or not.  Last week’s juice detox has left my alcohol tolerance really low.  I think its for the best really.  My body feels better.  Last night was the first time I had a hamburger or ground meat is some time. I enjoyed the hell out of my patty melt.  All in all, it was a very good night, I saw so many people.  About 10:30, my voice sounded exactly like Joan Rivers.  I was talking with friends and they would say, “what?” I couldn’t talk any louder.  They were straining to hear me.  The mic was not turned on loud enough.  I don’t know if the band fucked with our sound board last night when they were done with their sets and that lead to complications or what, but I felt like I had to yell to be heard all night. That became incredibly frustrating.

The most awkward moment last night was when some guy told me he wanted me to wish his mom happy birthday because “she’s gay too”.  That’s incredibly offensive and ignorant.  We don’t have a club membership or speak a different language.  Shit! We may not even relate or like each other, but I went and said happy birthday and felt fucking awkward.  She looked as uncomfortable as me. It made me want to crawl back into the puffy Burgermeister costume.

Overall, the night was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We ate a lot, drank a bit and enjoyed seeing people we know out and about.  Next year, I would love to be a guest and enjoy the event.  The after party seemed like fun, but man oh man, I’m going to start wearing a paper bag over my head so I’m not recognized or bothered.  I felt like I was being pulled in 80 different directions.  It would be fun to head out and not worry about the logistics of presenting or hosting.  I have never said that, but last night could have easily been hosted by one person.  The German-American Club has been so sweet to me the last two years and even gave me a bottle of Tequila as a thank you.  Thanks for keeping the buzz alive, friends.



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