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Sunday Evening: Time

Sunday, 7 February 2016 —

This has been one of the laziest Sundays ever… and with good reason.  I felt as though I couldn’t get caught up all week.  Last weekend, we went to Wal-Mart at about 10pm and didn’t get home til after 1am.  I made it to bed at 4am and started my Monday off with a very small amount of rest, but didn’t seem to mind since I had all Sunday off.  The next few days were late nights and early wake-up times.  I went to the bar to see Chris and helped him stock beer after they closed on Wednesday night and woke up Thursday hating everyone because I was on roll-over exhaustion.  So was he!  I tell you: the life of working in a bar or restaurant is tough work.  Can you imagine working lunch, dinner, cocktails, late night, last call and then have to close up shop?  There’s still inventory to count, restocking of product, and cleaning up.  I see why Chris is so damn tired at 3am.  If I were him,  I wouldn’t take a phone call til 1pm or later.  How does someone catch up on rest? It seems impossible to me.

This week has been intense in the salon, I detailed the salon and had almost no time to finish paper work, but I looked at the time I spend doing other stuff (social media, cocktailing, etc).  I had no time to blog at all this past week, and I missed it.  Chris worked four evenings this week and by Thursday night I was missing him.  It was not my favorite feeling at all.  When I get up and head out, it’s 8am, I finish with guests roughly at 6pm and by then, he’s been at work since 5:15 or so.  The only time I can see him is at the bar where I spend money I don’t need to spend, drink more than I need to and don’t accomplish anything I set out to accomplish (paper work, blogging, cleaning house), but I want to see my bubs, you know? I came home Thursday evening and made him something to eat about 1am and then went to bed.  He came home close to 3am, ate and fell asleep on the couch.  The next morning I woke up and my bubs had not come to bed.  I felt so bad.  Last night, we all went to breakfast about 3:30 or so and got home close to 5:45 am.

This week gave me a taste of what we all do at an extreme level: we work our asses off and do not rest enough.  Sadly, when you work opposite schedule of your partner, it becomes a tug of war for attention internally and externally.  Strong relationships will survive this, weak shallow ones will not.  I love my bubby, my clients and my friends so much.  I hope they all know that.  Sometimes balancing all the facets of life (work, home, personal time, resting) is the biggest task.  As I get older, I learn more and more how valuable time is.  It’s not like money, you don’t get it back.


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