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Tuesday Morning Night Owl: V-Day Crabs

Tuesday, 16 February 2016 — 12:34 AM

It was so busy in the salon today!  I really couldn’t believe how busy all three of us were.  Chris was working on this fabulous fantasy color, Demetria was balayage-ing for her life and I was applying a tint-between color at the shampoo bowl. For the first time in four years, the salon was busy and I wasn’t the only one working and there was no assistant to help me juggle clients.  It was really quite nice.  Laurel came in and started confirmations and cleaning up a storm.  She put in a full day! It was really nice.  The unintentional team has been formed!  Chris and Demetria get along like the bestest of school buddies and Laurel gets an adrenaline rush when its busy.  I even washed bowls and didn’t bitch about it.  WTF?

I came home today and saw Chris relaxing in our bedroom watching the Hello Kitty cartoon series from the 80s.  I had an idea that a series had once existed, but wasn’t sure.  Today I watched a few episodes while I checked email in bed and Chris went in and out of drowsiness.  My poor bubs is battling a sinus headache/cold.  I can tell he doesn’t feel good.  It makes me sad to see him sicky-poo.  I let him rest and proceeded to make tacos and fideo and clean up the house like a Stepford husband.  Chris was not budging.  He was out like a light, I ate dinner and went on to attend to all the filing from 2015 that has not been taken care of until tonight. Overall, it was a pretty productive evening.

I had a long talk yesterday with mama Damentia.  Chris is filming a YouTube series of videos called “Damentia’s Daughters”.  Part of this involves him becoming Damentia.  She has the best advice! Damentia sat and talked to me yesterday and asked me how I have been doing.  It was very different; there was part of me that knew it was Chris and I was playing along, but after five minutes or so,  I began talking to Mama Damentia like she was a real, living human.  It was all so real.  I started to cry.  Behind the contour, the wig, the character is my bubs.  I know my bubs heard me and it warmed my heart to know that somehow this “Drag Confessional” allowed me to tell him some very real thoughts.  It sounds psycho, I know, but don’t knock it til you try it! I was incredibly happy to talk to Damentia and she was happy to talk to me. It was awkwardly comforting.

The biggest learning curve for me today was not learning how to ebb and flow in my own busy salon, but more so, learning how to take care of a couple of pets.  You read that right! Chris bought me a pair of Fiddler Crabs for Valentine’s Day.  There was something so cute about them when we were walking through the store a couple weeks back. Yesterday he was determined that he was going to get me a couple of crabs.  You know what it sound like telling someone you got crabs for Valentine’s Day? LOL. They figure something completely different!

After the last couple of weeks I’ve had, I had decided that I need to go with the flow a little more.  The fact is that I have been so type-A for so long that there is no reason for me to be wound so tight.  Whatever comes comes, ya know?  Today I didn’t get to any emails or social media til nearly 7:30 and you know what? It was okay. We had three stylists in the salon today and only two stations and you know what? It was okay.  Mama Damentia talked to me and told me to be more adaptable.  This morning, my meditation vibrated flexibility, my work day reflected those thoughts and it’s now almost 1am as I type this.  Guess what? It’s okay.

Now, I gotta go check on those crabs…



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