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Thursday Night: Growing Things Up

Thursday, 25 February 2016 —

Last night Chris gave me a pedicure and I fell asleep with my feet in the foot bath.  When it came time for my dry feet to be filed and rubbed with cocoa butter, I passed the fuck out on the couch.  I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.  My poor bubs gave himself a pedicure and I crashed.  I just can’t stay awake these days.  I have to sleep.  As you get older, it’s very funny because you CRAVE sleep and you get out of bed when you HAVE TO, but deep down inside you’re thinking to yourself: “I can’t wait to go home and lay down.” All I know is that my feet tickle when I walk now, so apparently Chris is a bad-ass at filing my feet.  As someone who is on their feet for 90% of my work day, I can tell you, it becomes incredibly difficult to get up after I sit down.  It just doesn’t happen.  Falling asleep should have been expected.

I had a guest cancel last minute today and it bought me a lunch break and time to write out pay-roll and do some accounting for the salon.  I went out for sushi this afternoon and had the most ridiculously sweet waitress help me.  She was too sweet in some senses.  As I looked at her chipper little attitude, I observed how grumpy I am by nature.  Not a good look, Joshua!

I completed the most beautiful balayage blonde today in the salon!  There has been a slew of new guests coming in getting balayaged and glazed by yours truly.  Chris and Demetria are also reliable in this department!  We have so much fun in our salon.  It is definitely a creative space for us to flourish! I looked at her hair process and just oozed with excitement silently in the waiting area on our newly placed couch.  I’m so happy Chris moved my couch from the former-office at Studio JRy to the salon’s waiting area.  Part of changing things up at the salon have been a mission to make my salon more studio apartment-esque and updating my newly launched Rockstars + Lambs instagram (@instagram).  In thei world where people look for your work on social media, I guess if you can’t beat them, you will HAVE TO join them.  I have!  I also always used to say I wouldn’t put a couch in the salon, just broke that vow too!

For me, the salon lately has become a haven.  I feel like I haven’t had nearly enough time to myself or enough time to meditate.  I haven’t gotten to the gym or the tanning salon.  I am in the process of planning the build-out for our color bar (if the contractor would ever show up) and adding some “big-boy” embellishments to my 4-year old salon.  I literally woke up one day last year and looked at the salon and said, “I need to grow my place up.” Sadly, plans got stalled in September.

The things I’ve realized about “growing” things up is that you don’t always have time to yourself, you don’t get to go to happy hour, you don’t get to spend your money on you, you don’t get to meditate nearly as much as you used to, social media has become a chore (not fun at all), lunch breaks are few and far, and sleep cannot come soon enough. It’s very true when they say growing up kinda sucks… but the benefits are incredibly rewarding.



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