Shabbat: Reality

Saturday, 5 March 2016 — Shabbat

2am, coffee poured, dishwasher is loaded and running, Chris is in the bedroom sleeping. I’m up and wondering why I’m up if you really want to know.

Today I came home from the salon and sat in the bedroom with Chris and fell asleep.  I woke up about 11:30pm and continued my Hulu binge-tv watching and tried my best to dial into the Bravo TV app so I could catch up on The Housewives of Beverly Hills.  You have to, apparently, provide your Direct TV username to access all this shit.  How stupid! I’m annoyed.  Why advertise that you can stream if you have to log in? I’m ridiculously bored by this inconvenience.  So I’m up!

Since I missed Shabbat reading last evening, I thought I’d get up and read a little bit and then I saw the dishes on the counter and started cleaning (totally broke Sabbath rules).  At this rate of being up, blogging and washing dishes, I should just open a package of bacon and fry some eggs.  Being home on Shabbat has always been avoided for me because I will essentially find something to do.  The act of sitting around, reading, and resting sounds good, but it’s not always a reality for me. My brain moves so fast 7 days a week that achieving silence is nearly non-existent.

I’ve lately been staying later in the salon since moving the couch in my once-office to the salon.  I look at my phone, do paperwork and thirst for a cocktail.  I haven’t been going out very much lately and I miss it greatly.  Achieving silence at the salon is hard, I never feel like there’s enough alone time for me to just stay still and revisit my thoughts or catch-up on paperwork.  I’m highly considering hiring a house keeper once again for my home.  I can’t physically keep up being domestic and being a business man these days . Shit! I can’t even keep up trying to find times to blog.  Twice this week, I had two clients that showed up 20 minutes late for their appointments at the end of the day and asked for “special” tones like lavender or silver.  I left the salon at 8:06 on Monday, 7:45 on Tuesday and had a client role in late on Thursday.  I seriously have been chasing behind the coat tails of guests all week.  God bless them!  I love them, but the 2016 concept of time is not that that our grandmother’s and great grandmother’s once followed for hair appointments.  My grandmother would have NEVER shown up late to get her hair done.

When someone walks into late to the salon, I don’t think they see the domino effect that happens to my week: you’re late, I don’t get to sneak in a cocktail because I have paperwork and the day to reconcile, now I come home and try to check email and can’t because there’s dinner to make. With dinner comes dishes, comes laundry, comes the tiredness of the day.  I fall asleep on the couch and nothing is accomplished.  Two days in a row = Josh’s week is fucked. Consider my free time gone.  Lately, I haven’t had very much self-time.  It will slowly be my undoing and I can feel it.

So here I am, violating the Shabbat, washing dishes, blogging, drinking coffee and listening to Thievery Corporation at 2:30 am.  Not how this week was supposed to go, but I guess this is adult life.  Tonight’s prayers will include something along the lines of hoping my clients on show up ON TIME Monday so we can have a smoother week.

Shabbat Shalom, my loves.  I’m not as grim as I sound, just breathing in reality.  Some reality is not as fun as say, watching reality tv.




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