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Sunday Afternoon: Shoving People Like New York

Sunday, 6 March 2016 —

Last night Chris and I were watching season 2 of Flavor of Love on Hulu and I just sat in amazement at the silly behavior of all the women on this show.  First and foremost, who on Earth thought Flava Flav was an irresistable Don Juan DeMarco?  I never did.  Secondly, these women are fighting each other and throwing shade repeatedly over a man they couldn’t possibly love.  As the season progresses, they bring back a contestant from season 1 named “New York”.  She is intense! In season 1, a girl named “Pumkin” spits at her during the elimination and New York goes to snatch this girl up and just shoves the clumsly disrespectful bitch toward the camera.  I have played this clip over and over for last five days and laugh every time.  I keep making jokes about who I would do that to.  Last night, I was in obsession over finding GIFs and kept sending them to Chris. I eventually put my phone away and got some rest.  The show is horrible, really, but there are so much memorable “ratchet” moments that make me laugh even as I type this.

I think I may be purchasing furniture this week sometime.  I have been on a mission to change my salon and my apartment a bit to reflect my life and it has left me unsettled.  As a Virgo, we are incredibly put-together, organized and particular.  We also need time to think -alone- and away from people.  The disarray has given me identity crisis.  (No kidding) I am looking forward to designing a room that is comfortable and that I look forward to coming home to.  Right now,  I don’t enjoy coming home.  I need to settle this, preferably this week, for my own sanity.  Poor bubs probably thinks I’m fuckin’ crazy! I would probably agree that I am a teeny bit nuts right now as well. 

This week in the salon was incredible! I was booked, profitable and got a lot of work done.  I still have some office work that needs to be taken care of.  I haven’t completed what I need to.  It will have to happen at some time today or I may just start shoving people like New York.

Here’s to a new week, new furniture and a new sense of comfort.

Cheers, mates! xo- j.


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