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Sunday Afternoon: Putting Social Media Last

Sunday, 20 March 2016 —

Sunday afternoon.  House is clean. Dishes are done. Gwen Stefani’s new album is on my iPod. Chris is in the shower.  I’m finally back at my laptop blogging.  Could I have possibly gotten caught up on my life? Could I finally have caught up on rest? I think so.

I texted Wade Friday afternoon to ask if I had been fired from doing comedy since it didn’t seem like 719 The Blocks was producing a show this month.  He told me “absolutely not” and that March was busy at the venue and that April we’ll be back to our antics.  I had a few messages go back and forth.  We talked about our respected partners, and told each other we missed each other like the little bromanctical couple we tend to be . I really do miss my friend alot.  A part of me wants to buy a plane ticket and go see him for a couple of days and then come back home and act like it was a just a casual weekend visiting my grandma or someone everyone would be expecting.  I used to love playing off of Wade’s comedy and our chemistry as friends and comedians.  He was truly one of the only people I’ve ever met that influenced me for the better.  I can probably count less than five people in my life that have done that. Yeah, I should go see my friend sometime soon.

Last week, I tried re-arranging my daily routine to complete all the tasks I bitch about not ever getting to.  Easy solution: social media comes last.  Not kidding.  Before, I would sit on Facebook and Twitter for at least an hour before I started with my work tasks.  I made remarks on blog and to clients about how I’m not missing anything on social media.  Truth is, I’m not.  So, I put social media last.  It’s funny how the median that made me a blog-lebrity is the least of my priorities these days.  One thing I did miss this past few weeks was updating the blog.  My house is clean, my work is done at the salon and now I need to incorporate catching up on the blog and TV shows on DVR.

I think this is for the best. I had to re-prioritize items.  I came home Saturday and took a nap while Chris hung out with his brother and woke up to him cooking.  What!  Maybe this rebalancing thing is for the better.


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