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Tuesday Night Owl: Grumpy Detox

Tuesday, 22 March 2016 — 

What a grump.  I am a grump.  Yes, a grump.  I woke up on time this morning and meditated and had a chance to do everything I plan to do every morning: work out, tan, throw some dishes in the dishwasher and watch a little TV before heading to work.  As soon as I got to work, I felt rushed.  I felt like I was racing a clock.  What clock is it that lives in my psyche when this happens? A couple last minute cancelations and my second detox of the year may have been the triggers.  Anyway,  I’m sipping on some carrot-ginger soup (puree) right now, so all is fine in the world.

I came home this evening after my pseudo-grumpy Monday and sat on the balcony with Chris and his godparents and discussed Chris purchasing a car and ate “vegetarian” Taco Bell. True, I was going to eat some broccoli or something tonight because I knew the first day of detox was killing me so the meatless Cantina bowl was a nice nosh considering I may have thrown myself from the balcony if I had to watch all three of them eat in front of me (that wouldn’t have happened anyway).

This detox stuff is really all of my own-doing in an effort to separate myself from the dependency of eating too much animal protein and a way of clearing my body from being a burial ground for their carcasses.  First thing I craved this morning was a cheeseburger (hmmm… not so kosher, Joshua).  The heavy craving for dairy was intense today for me.  I wanted to eat a block of cheese (no kidding).  About 11am, after my second cold-pressed juice, probiotics and water, I was feeling heartburn: we have concluded that Josh loves junk food and is acidic as fuck.  Alkalizing my body is going to be a priority post Spring-detox as well as watching my dairy intake.  Cravings do a lot for our body.  A lot of the time you’re just craving a nutrient or vitamin and your body sends the brain cravings.  In this case, I probably need more protein (preferably plant-based, although I think I was craving fat), iron, calcium and healthy fats. (Take notes, folks!)

Tomorrow is day number 2 of detoxing and I’m pretty sure I’ll drink the cold-pressed organic juices, take the probiotics and eat a vegetable or drink more of this carrot-ginger stuff.  Wednesday I’m off work and its now the second time a detox day 3 has landed on one of my few days off.  Lucky for me, Purim begins Wednesday night.  I’ll have a fun afternoon making hamentaschen and eating a fabulous dinner with my bubs.  We may even be driving to dinner in a new Fiat…. A Fiat and hamentaschen are the pot of gold at the end of this detox rainbow!



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