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Wednesday Afternoon: Celebrate Purim with a Fiat

Wednesday, 23 March 2016 — Erev Purim 

Today I slept in until nearly 11am.  This is officially the first day off this year that I didn’t have one thing planned like a nail appointment or a hair appointment.  I literally only had a day off planned.  That felt so good.  Last night, I was in total day off mentality prepping for a night of sleep.  I took my contacts out, washed my face, put a Korean skincare mask on and turned off the alarms on my iPhone and put my sleep mask on and laid down to the sound of Frasier (Season 2) playing in the background on my Kindle.  I don’t think I made it into three minutes of the episode.

Chris was up this morning on the phone getting insurance quotes from at least ten different insurance companies for the new Fiat he purchased yesterday.  I have to admit that him getting the car is comforting.  I remember telling him when we got together, “I get the house, you get the car. We’re good.” I meant it.  I think buying cars is a pain in the ass.  Sales people in general are a pain in the ass.  They DO NOT have your best interest.  Anyone that wants to argue with me can gladly take a seat, you’re probably in sales and want to “convince” me.  Take a seat!  (This attitude is why I told Chris he was in charge of getting a car.)  My parents have been trying to sell me a car they acquired, but I really don’t have an interest in doing a car deal with them.  I just want to keep them parents, not a used car lot.  The Fiat is amazing!  Chris got a sweet deal and I went for a ride today to Starbucks after I dropped him off at the salon.  I put in a Cher CD and took my little “Believe”-singing ass up the street to get a carmelized honey latte, the latest promotional confection from Crackbucks. Great field trip, great new wheels.

As I was driving, I remember four years ago when I blew up my car.  I was getting ready to open my salon and wasn’t driving very much anyway.  I generally walk everywhere and hadn’t even been going on daily drives to Starbucks since I was saving every penny to open the salon.  I remember it being 9:30 at night and my car blowing up… literally.  There were no street lights, it was scary.  I hated my life for about five minutes and was scared shitless on the highway coming back into town from my parents house where I had had a heated conversation with them.  I called them to come help me.  My dad was livid that I blew up the car and I was looking at him like I was angry that he was scolding a 28 year old man.  About a week went by and he asked me if I was going to go buy a new car, I said I couldn’t. All my money was tied up in opening the salon and we were two months behind in construction.  Four years later, Chris buys a Fiat, the salon is doing amazing and I got behind the wheel again and realized how much fun it is to drive.

Tonight is Purim.  Purim is a celebration on the Jewish calendar that once again celebrates the general threesome of all Jewish holidays: “1. They tried to kill us, 2. We survived. 3 We ate.” Purim commemorates Esther and her using her Jewish identity as the Queen of Persia to save her people.  If she hadn’t piped up, evil Haman would’ve had his way and the Jews would have once again suffered another witch hunt and near wipe out.  It’s actually a really fun holiday.  A lot of Jewish schools have children from the school act out a play and every time the character Haman is onstage or mentioned, people boo.  I have so many people I just want to walk around boo-ing. After the play or the telling of the story of Purim, people party hardy!  There’s generally a costume party and lots of drinking.  Tonight, we’ll skip the costume party, but I’ll be cooking and drinking.  I’m thinking of throwing a Purim party next year.  I think it would be fun.  Tonight, I’m celebrating Purim by cooking on my day off and enjoying the evening with my bubs like old times.  That is a celebration in itself.




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