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Sunday Afternoon: Thanks to You

Sunday, 3 April 2016 — Rockstars + Lambs 4th Anniversary in Business 

Hello my dear friends,

Today I’m switching gears a bit and writing you a letter.  I want you to read each word with intention to digest it and love every single space, punctuation and feeling behind what I choose to address today (it’s nothing bad). I have had numerous people ask me this past week where the blog has been and why I haven’t been writing or posting as much.  There’s nothing to it except that my life has taken a rather busy direction.  I come home and sit on the couch and fall asleep from exhaustion alot.  I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks and am feeling the bloat as well.  I also feel the frustration of not writing.  It makes me sad not to write the blog, believe me!

I had a lot of functions to attend this past week that meant a lot to me and filled most of my evenings. I had dinner with my parents on Monday night and enjoyed every minute of it.  We had a good conversation and enjoyed each other’s company.  It has been a shift the last year or so between us.  My life has adjusted domestically and my parents just aren’t adjusting well. The times I used to spend with my mom I tend to spend at home or with Chris.  When you become a partner, not just boyfriends, you have to dedicate yourself to that person –with limitations, of course.  My parents somehow got the memo, but didn’t digest that.  They often feel left out and it tugs at my heart.  I wish it wasn’t the way it is, but it is.  So the time I can carve out to be with them is precious.  I enjoy seeing them.  Monday night was like old times and I want more of those moments with them.  I came home and started cleaning the house and fell asleep.  No blog.

I don’t even remember Tuesday.  It was a blur.  I know Chris and I ran errands and got home about 9pm.  I watched the housewives on Bravo and went to bed. By the time Wednesday arrived, I was determined that all the time I had set aside for blogging this week was done.

Chris and I joined a men’s group a few months back with a life coach and we have meetings once a month and work on feeling and mushy shit most men don’t like to talk about.  It turns into mostly me and Chris talking about us.  We love the spotlight!  It makes a world of difference though when it comes to honesty and communication in the home.  We don’t always agree.  We both have strong personalities and opinions and sometimes need that little “recharge”.  I feel like the men’s group helps us do that.  Once again, home at 9:30, no blog.

Thursday I made plans with a friend to have dinner and we turned dinner into cocktails.  All three of us stayed out til about 10pm and I came home and talked to Chris for two hours.  I was really feeling bad that my house was a mess and that I hadn’t taken time to write or do some paperwork at the salon.  I went to bed incredibly exhausted and mentally drained by my own Virgo-induced frustration.  The fact that I can’t be everything to everyone really set in before bedtime.  I was numb.  I went to sleep and woke up about an hour before I had to leave for work (I’m normally up anywhere from 5:30-6:30 each morning). My body hurt from being juggled.

Friday was the perfect day to write, however, I came home and cleaned house.  It was necessary! The Sabbath has to be perfect for me whether we are staying home or going out to eat.  I clean the house and greet the Sabbath for what she is: a blessing.  This blessing should usher in a feeling of rest.  The preparation is not always my favorite, but it’s worth it.  I made dinner at home this week and listened to Apple Music and fell asleep on the couch.  Chris worked on a project in the make-shift “Work room” that’s transitioning from my once-office.

While I was out this week, strangers (as well as friends and clients) came up to me and said they read the blog and said to keep it up.  I thanked them and tried to regain my consciousness of talking to my friend, but felt distracted once again.  I was also hugely complimented because it’s been a while since people came up to me in public and congratulated me on something instead of side-whispering that I’m in the room.  The return of Josh Cooley was very evident this week.  I felt wanted again and appreciated as a writer and public persona.  Some may say its just my ego being fed, but I would highly disagree.  I would tell you that it was the perfect little “chin wag” I needed.  I needed to feel a longing to share my world with you.  I love your sweet comments and love that you’re engaged in my life.

Last night, Chris and I went out of town for dinner, drinks and stopped in a club he used to work at.  It was nice to drink in a city where I was not bothered constantly.  I didn’t even think about the day or blogging.  I did, however, have a chance to think about what I wanted to write today.  I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for always being honest.  Thank you for making my salon a success.  Today, we celebrate four completed years of business and the beginning of year number five.  I can’t be who I am without the salon.  The salon is my bread and butter.  You saw my vision and made it successful.  By reading the blog, coming to the salon, coming to the comedy shows and appearances, you remind me that I am needed in this world and to wave my creative flag.

Thank you for that.

Truth is: I kind of wanted to write about some gossip I received about a person (or people) that didn’t want to sit at the same table as me at the last fundraiser dinner I attended or the snobby client I hung up on at the salon, but there will be more blogs for that.  I love spilling the tea as you know…

Keep your eyes open for more blogs from LuxeLove.  It’s not going anywhere.  I’ve just been busy living the dream, my loves… all thanks to you.

xox- j.


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