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Shabbat: Paperless and Unconfirmed

Saturday, 9 April 2016 — Shabbat 

It’s a Saturday.  It’s one of the only Saturdays I’ve gotten to sleep in until nearly 11:00.  That’s intense rest. I last took a weekend off in December and have decided that it’s probably therapeutic to start taking some Saturdays off.  Yes, there’s always going to be events happening and yes, there is always going to be obligations, but it’s okay to allow the world to stop once and awhile.

Last night, I made dinner while Chris worked in the “work room” on more drag attire and I caught up on a little reading and listened to season 2 of Frasier on the iPad.  This is not your typical Shabbat evening on a traditional sense whatsoever, but it is the way it was at our house last night.  I would figure that if you had greeted the sabbath as a person and invited her to your house last night that it would have been a very calm evening talking and watching Frasier re-runs.  I had a whiskey while cooking and sipped on coffee and Italian sweet cream creamer for most of the evening.  As Chris worked, I tried to focus on just existing.  No plans, no agenda.  Just relaxing.  I went in and out of catnaps all night til we decided to go to bed.  This morning, I woke up at 7:55 and made a pot of coffee and relaxed in and out of catnapping until nearly 11.  It’s been probably since my late teens that I’ve done that on a Saturday.  It seems as though once I hit art school I never had a Saturday morning to myself ever again. Today broke that cycle.

Today’s plans were left relatively unconfirmed.  By that, I mean that I was told there was  comedy gig I was possibly performing at tonight and it has taken all week to wait for a confirmation.  If you ask me, I figured there was no gig by Wednesday.  I wouldn’t have been prepared anyway.

One of my close friend’s nieces is getting married today.  The world of 2016 is very cloudy and has left me questioning etiquette and my own formality.  In the past (and to my recollection), you receive formal invitations when being invited to a wedding.  This was not the case today.  A Facebook event was created and I was added to the group.  I hit the “interested” button and waited for an invite to confirm that I was ACTUALLY invited.  Monday came and my friend asked me if I was attending.  I said I had never received an invitation.  Am I stupid or are the etiquette rules changing in 2016? Does a Facebook invite count?  I’m sure I’m going to be asked about it multiple times and I’ll have to explain that in my “Dear Abby” world I was always told you were expected to attend if you received a paper invite.  In our paperless world, I’m not sure what the rules are anymore.   My friend’s niece will receive a gift from me as I’m happy for her, but I don’t have plans to attend the event.  No one reached out to me except my friend.  It’s all very complicated.

The energy surrounding today could have been of me working the salon, prepping for comedy or getting dressed up for a wedding.  I really believe the Universe elected for me to have a day off.  No confirmation from either event meant “take the day off, Josh” to me. Life goes on.

The only event in my plans is to go tanning.  I am looking really pale lately.  That’s all work and no play color.  I can’t allow this.  I need some color.  Maybe I’ll feel skinnier after tanning.  I’m feeling pudgy lately.  I think it’s the full salon schedule personally.  Shit! It’s just my FULL schedule that has left me feeling fuller figured.  I think rest is really what I need in the long run.



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